Cropin: Building an earth observation cloud for farmers

Cropin is a leading global provider of ag-ecosystem intelligence. Financial services providers, among other agri-ecosystem players, can adopt and advance digital strategy across their agricultural operations thanks to Cropin’s array of products. Cropin builds an intelligent, interconnected data platform by utilizing cutting-edge technology like as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and remote sensing. To make smart decisions, enterprises can use near real-time agricultural data from Cropin to digitize their processes from farm to fork.

With the help of more than 250 organizations worldwide, Cropin has digitized more than 16 million acres of farmland, improved the lives of almost 7 million farmers, and developed intelligence for more than 400 crops and over 10,000 crop varieties in more than 56 nations. The solutions provided by Cropin are available in a plug-and-play style and are crop and geo-location independent.

What is Cropin Cloud

To create Cropin Cloud, a multi-tenant, secure, scalable, flexible, and intelligent agriculture cloud platform, Cropin has pooled more than 12 years of experience in worldwide agribusiness. With this groundbreaking industry platform, we hope to offer a full range of agriculture-specific capabilities with the express purpose of accelerating business growth and bringing about a quick and profound digital revolution throughout the agri-ecosystem.

All sizes of agribusinesses can use Cropin Cloud. Farmers and other participants in the food value chain can use tools for earth observation, remote sensing, data, and machine learning through its three sub-platforms, which will enable them to manage crops and harvests more effectively. Cropin Cloud combines numerous solutions from

Cropin App: Digitalization-related applications

Agri data is collected and digitized using Cropin Apps, a comprehensive portfolio of highly customized apps and solutions, from the farm to the warehouse to the fork. These programs aim to accelerate digital transformation in the agricultural sector and related ones including forestry, commodities, banking, and insurance.

Cropin DataHub: Data pipelines that are ML-ready for improved analytics

With the ability to interface with all agri-data sources, including on-the-ground farm management apps, IoT devices and drones, mechanization data from farming resources, remote sensing satellite information, weather data, and many more, Cropin Data Hub is created to deliver the power of unified data.

Cropin Intelligence: Field-tested machine learning models are available.

Agribusinesses can employ over 22 of Cropin’s contextual deep-learning AI models for insights and predictive intelligence with the help of Cropin Intelligence. These models have been field-tested, deployed, and fine-tuned to work with a range of specific crop types, environmental conditions, and geographical locations. They were created using the largest agricultural knowledge graph in the world.

Cropin Funding

Cropin has raised Rs. 200 crores in total since its founding 12 years ago. In addition to the CDC Group and the Strategic Investment Fund of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, ABC World Asia, Chiratae Ventures, Ankur Capital, Beenext, and Kris Gopalakrishnan’s family office are also shareholders in the business. Kumar claims that Cropin is currently looking for investors for its Series D round and hopes to raise between Rs. 400 crores to Rs. 600 crore over the next six months.

Cropin, which has its main office in Bangalore, also has affiliates in the United States, Singapore, and the Netherlands. Co-founder and COO Kunal Prasad moved to the Netherlands earlier this year to take charge of European operations. According to Kumar, Cropin has a committed yearly recurring income of Rs. 100 crores to Rs. 200 crores and has increased 2.5 times over the past three years. He anticipates that growth to continue this year. With the introduction of Cropin Cloud, Kumar predicted that 2023 will mark a turning point for Cropin in terms of revenue growth.


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