Create a Great Team with Our Tips

Many organizations, large or small, slip when it comes to incorporating
employees into their branding strategies. To the customer making interaction with your company, your employee is the company to them.
Your employee can make or break your entire brand so don’t ever forget

Here are a Few Tips to Make a Great Team.

1. Set Presumptions

How do you expect employees to treat customers? Make sure they
understand what’s your point of view.
Praise employees who do an exceptional job or go above and beyond the
call off duty.

2. Recruit Based on Brand Strategy

Communicating your brand through your employees starts with making the
right hire. Follow your brand strategy for help.
If your focus is on customer service, employees should be friendly, calm
and motivated, right?
Give new hires a copy of your brand strategy and discuss it.

3. Communicate, Then Communicate More

Keeping employees aware requires ongoing communication about the
company’s branding through meetings, posters, training and regular
discussion. Never, ever assume employees can read your mind.

4. Building a Branding Strategy

Your business plan must include a branding strategy. This is your written
plan for how you’ll apply your brand strategically throughout the company
in the meantime.
Don’t panic; creating a branding strategy isn’t nearly as scary or as
complicated as it sounds.

Here’s how:

Step One: Keep yourself aside. Why should people buy from you instead of the same kind of business?
Think about the abstract qualities of your product or service, using
adjectives from friendly to quick and every word in between. Your goal is to
own a position in the customer’s heart, so they think of you differently than
the competition.
How will you be different from the competition? The answers are the strong pillars that constitute the basis of your brand.

Step Two: Know your target customer. Once you’ve defined your product or service, think about the target customer.
Who are these people, and what they ultimately want from your product or
After all, the customer is purchasing it for a cause. What will your customer
demand from you?

Step Three: Develop a character. How do you show customers every day what you’re all about?
A lot of small companies write statements such as they will “value.”
Customers and strive for “excellent customer service.”
Unfortunately, these words are just for the sake of saying and no action. Dig
deeper and think about how you’ll fulfill your brand’s promise and provide
value and service to the people you serve.
Your branding strategy doesn’t need to be very lengthy. It can be as short
as a paragraph. The important thing is you answer these questions before
you open your doors.

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