CosIQ: Intelligent Skincare for Visible Results and Lasting Transformation

Discover CosIQ's intelligent molecular skincare range for visible results and lasting transformation. Say goodbye to ineffective routines
COSIQ startup

CosIQ is a molecular skincare brand that provides a range of products that would deliver visible results.

What is something we’re all tired of? Maybe changing your skincare brand every second month because we cannot see any results or maybe it’s backfiring and you’re breaking out even more.

Skin problems like acne, pimples, pores, blackheads, and whiteheads are not an alien concept for a lot of us, but still, they can be the worst phase you have to go through.

Some skin conditions come with untameable damage giving us acne scars for a long time.

CosIQ promises visible results within some days of usage.

Aiming towards high-quality products and activities, minimal and effective products.

They believe in clean and honest labels, the right ingredients, and visible results which are scientifically approved and tested.

COSIQ intelligfet skincare

Startup Highlights-

Startup NameCosIQ
IndustryBeauty and Personal Care
HeadquarterNew Delhi, India
FounderKanika Talwar
FundingINR 5 Million
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Founders of CosIQ

Kanika Vats and Angad Talwar started not so long ago as a budding molecular skincare brand that offers a range of scientifically backed-up products with visible results.

The founders also got funding from Shark Tank India which acted as validation for their new business idea which opts to create the skincare industry a better and more transparent place for consumers.

The innovative products and their planning on packaging a kind which would show the transparency of the products.

This way it would be easy to understand what the ingredients are acting like once on your skin, which we rarely see around us.

The motto of the company-

“Intelligent skincare, because you deserve it.”


Funding TypeInvestorsAmount
SeedAnupam Mittal and Vineeta SinghRs. 5 Million

Startup competitors

  • Belora Cosmetics
  • Earth Rhythm
  • Freewill


What does CosIQ do?

CosIQ is known for making scientifically proven, skincare products clean with ingredients, and promises to give you results within some usage.

Who is the founder of CosIQ?

Kanika Vats, Angad Talwar, Vidhu Jain, and Deepak Jain are the founders of CosIQ.

When was CosIQ Founded?

It was founded in 2021.

Where is CosIQ Based?

It is based in New Delhi, India.


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