Coding Ninjas: A Scalable Answer to The Tech Education Problems in India

Coding Ninjas A scalable answer to the tech education problems in India | Karo Startup

With the modern world being digitised, the tech industry is rewriting at a rapid pace. The recent decade has seen a transition in the tech courses, wherein the focus is on being more and more job-centric. Ankush Singla, along with his adolescence friend Kannu Mittal and IIT-Delhi batchmate Dhawal Parate, started Coding Ninjas in 2016 in Delhi-NCR. Coding Ninjas is one such online training firm, which is bridging the skill gap between the required existing talent and is focused on teaching the latest technologies and making students work-ready.

About Coding Ninjas

The platform educates coding to college students to help them upskill their programming skills. Coding Ninjas is a destination that furnishes passionate people in various technologies. The core programs offered by them are intensive, immersive training that renovates people into extraordinary developers. The training is provided by proficient faculties who have graduated from respected universities such as Stanford, IITs and IITs. They have practical teaching experience and comprehensive knowledge which they share with students to counsel them in evolving a great programmer or a developer.

What courses Coding Ninjas offer?

The platform and its contributions are optimised keeping coding at the soul of the education. The courses are entirely online and are accessible in both English and Hindi languages. A student no longer has to be worried about the virtue of education while enrolling for an online course with the platform due to the quality and the broad placement facility it has been offering to the students. Coding Ninjas’ students are nowadays placed across all leading technology and product companies throughout India and abroad.

Coding Ninjas offers presently five courses in Advanced Programming and four courses for the Foundation segment along with six Ninja Career Tracks to students and specialists from across verticals in and outside India. It also provides videos and an in-house procedure platform with an inbuilt compiler (supporting C++, JAVA & Python) to exercise without the annoyance of installing software (called CodeZen).

What courses Coding Ninjas offer
Foundation segment
What courses Coding Ninjas offer
Advanced Programming

Business Model and Revenue Model

The business is a pay upfront model where a student purchases its courses online, which ranges from Rs 8,000 to Rs 35,000. Students have to pay a fixed amount for Coding Ninjas courses. Introduced in 2019, Career Camp is a pay later business model by Coding Ninjas where students undergo rigorous six-month-long online training and pay a part of their salary to Coding Ninjas once they receive the job offer. Being a one-of-its-kind business model, Career Camp has the potential to disrupt the existing education market and bring a massive scale impact in improving India’s education system.

With over 15,000 students online in FY 2019-20 alone, Coding Ninjas is growing 3.5X month-on-month at present. On the revenue front, the company clocked Rs 15 crore in 2019-20 from online business,” says Ankush.

ankush singla coding ninjas Ankush Singhla | Karo Startup
Ankush Singla
Coding Ninjas

Funding and Investors

  • The startup raised INR 37.18 Cr in a Series A funding from Info Edge Private Limited in February 2020.
  • The freshly put forward funds will help Coding Ninjas scale the online tech education business of the company, enhance the tech and content, and help improve into new business provinces.
  • The investment will also be used for scaling its new offering Career Camp – which is an Income Sharing based payment model.

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