Cipla Invests More Money in GoApptiv Tech Company


Cipla, a big medicine-making company in India, says it wants to spend Rs 42 crore more on GoApptiv Private Limited, a fancy digital tech company.

They want to do this to make their investments stronger in things that will be important in the future. They really want to make healthcare reach more people, especially those who don’t have much access to it.

They want to help more folks get important treatments, and this news comes from what the company said in a paper. When this money thing is all done, Cipla will own more of GoApptiv – about 22.99 percent if you count everything.

This is the third time Cipla is putting money into GoApptiv, and it’s a mix of different kinds of shares. The other times they did this were in 2022 and 2020, and it helped GoApptiv grow in places and with products that not many people knew about. Umang Vohra, the big boss of Cipla, said, “Us and GoApptiv have been working together for a long time, helping us get medicine to places in India where not many people live. We’re trying to fix big problems in healthcare where not many medicines are available.

With more money this time, we can use technology better to help sick people, and this will also help Cipla grow even more.” GoApptiv does things in the health and medicine world in India.

They mix both the physical and digital world (they call it ‘phygital’) to give good healthcare to people in villages and faraway places. They do a bunch of stuff like online payments, making ads for shops that sell medicine, and using data to help people who sell medicine make better decisions.


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