Chirayu Tech, Bringing Digitization in Healthcare Industry

Chirayu Tech, a Bangalore-based digital healthcare startup, provides an EMR software solution that every common person can access their health data easily.

The company motto is ” To bring digitization in the healthcare industry”. Chirayu Tech is India’s leading EMR software services company.

About Chirayu Tech

Chirayu Tech was founded in 2016 by Mr. Ajay Poral, Mr. Nagaraj Achar & Mr. Puneeth Rao. Chirayu Tech is one of the emerging digital healthcare solution platforms in India.

They started their journey 5 years ago with a vision to improve the healthcare system to bring benefits of digitization in the healthcare industry. They are now closer to chalk up their vision of being the data bridge between healthcare providers and receivers with its products CareMap and Telearogya.

Mr. Ajay Poral is the co-founder of Chirayu Tech
Mr. Ajay Poral is the co-founder of Chirayu Tech
Mr. Nagaraj Achar is the co-founder of Chirayu Tech
Mr. Nagaraj Achar is the co-founder of Chirayu Tech
Mr. Puneeth Rao is the co-founder of Chirayu Tech

With the help of CareMap and Telearogya,

 They have enabled ordinary people to access their health data in their app. Less treatment time and decision-making responses from healthcare personnel are now easy for all.

Whether it is medical records, medical bills, or medical certificates, all their health-related data will be easily accessible in the hospital. Hospitals and clinics, provide end-to-end services to their clients through its platform. They eliminate the need to rely on multiple service providers.

They are now based in Bangalore catering to up to 150 clients all over south India. More than 8 Lakh patients registered in CareMap and TeleArogya. They are planning to reach the 1 million mark by 2022. They are available now in 10+ cities.

An Idea Behind Startup

The importance of digitalization is well understood for a while now, whether it’s education, manufacturing, and entertainment industries but some businesses and industries are still hesitant to go through it. The healthcare industry is one such example.

Although India is one of the leading IT service providers that make things easier and brings the benefits of digital banking, pharmaceutical, food industries, etc. internationally.

We are far behind when it comes to bringing digital benefits to the healthcare industry due to a lack of advance and quality tools. Moreover, Healthcare Organizations have to rely on multiple IT providers due to the lack of integrated solutions.

Experiencing poor hospital visits due to long waiting times and lack of medical records or loss of written prescriptions, documents made Mr. Nagaraj Achar (one of the co-founders of Chirayu Tech) & his team are aware of the opportunity. And with teamwork, they encountered these problems and began to bring software solutions to the healthcare industry to make healthcare more accessible and to all stakeholders.

They worked closely for almost two years with Dr. A V Baliga Hospital, (Udupi ) under the guidance of Dr. P V Bhandary, a well-known psychiatrist, and then they developed CareMap to suit patients needs, the long waiting times and lack of medical records helped them to understand the pain points in depth that created CareMap.

While developing CareMap they came across many advisors and mentors like:

 Dr. Prashanth Kesari(Plastic Surgeon, Nypunya),

 Dr. Abhishek Shetty(Dermatologist, Cutis),

 Dr. Pramod Chinder (Orthopedic Oncologist, HCG), 

Dr. Mahesh Gowda (psychiatrist, SPandana Hospital ), all from Bangalore.

Challenges Encountered

The implementation of EHR in the healthcare system is not as easy as it sounds. There are many potential challenges to using an electronic health records system. Chirayu Tech also faced a lot of challenges.

Firstly they visited clinics and hospitals to show their EHR services but Doctors were initially hesitant to accept EHR. However, as They continued to improve the CareMap from the doctor’s response, Doctors found its services interesting and excited about EHR and its opportunities.

 The lack of infrastructure has also been a concern but things look optimistic now as hospitals understand the need for IT solutions in the era of digitalization and they are willing to invest in infrastructure.

For bootstrapped companies, it has always been difficult to decide whether to use resources for products or marketing. They chose to improve, develop and it paid off as they got good results.

The USP Of The Company

Chirayu Tech has developed two healthcare tools to Improve diagnosis and treatment. We see fewer errors occur within personal health data and that’s why it takes a lot of time for diagnosis and treatment.

The USP of the company is: “Every common person can access their health data easily”.

Quality Products

CareMap is a specialty-specific EHR integrated with HIS. CareMap helps doctors to seamlessly check and record their patient health data with extremely efficient click-based EHR catering to up to 16 specialties and equipped with all modules to run clinics and hospitals of up to 150 beds.

 CareMap is not only developed for patients but also helps Management to manage their hospitals and track progress in every department of their organization.

TeleArogya is a patient app that was developed in 2020. It is available on the play store that offers services like teleconsultation, online appointment booking, online ordering of laboratory services, and doorstep delivery of medicines.

In the world of digitization, Chirayu Tech is making the healthcare industry digital for a better tomorrow. They have plans to build more products and services and they are currently looking for investors to scale up their business.

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