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ChatBuck-Messenger is a free Indian messaging application where individuals from any age group can relish free audio calls, video calls and messaging attributes. This application has been created, discerning the existing scenario of privacy concerns people are facing nowadays.

ChatBuck is here to guarantee its users privacy. They claim to never share personal data with any third parties for marketing motives. This messaging app equips individuals to chat with their contacts, exchange images, click pictures. The application will keep updating this app’s features for users to enjoy the new ones. 

Meet the Founder

Jitesh Kumar Thakur is the founder of ChatBuck-Messenger.  His life’s journey has quite skirmishes. After completing high school, Jitesh got employment underway as a BPO in an International company. After a year, he had to leave his job and started working with his father in Vestige, a network marketing company. There, he was having more than 500 people on his team. 

Since childhood, Jitesh wanted to start his own business, so he left network marketing and established a call centre with a partnership friend who eventually left him in the middle journey. Being a newcomer, he didn’t possess any experience. Finally, he had to bind up and withstood a loss of more than 1lakh rupees.

For Jitesh, losing hope was not an option. So, he got back on his feet and started again with additional enthusiasm, energy and power. He went on, hustling his goals and designed a new relief for himself named “ChatBuck”.

How is ChatBuck Outstanding?

Talking about the Unique Selling Proposition, the company says that its app’s best policy is privacy. ChatBuck claims that they don’t sell their users’ data to earn a profit, unlike other messaging companies. ChatBuck offers a new feature that locks it’s users’ chat, where they can secure their conversations with a password. According to them, they back up the facility by storing users’ data in their phone memory. This allows the users to send up to 100 photos to another person using ChatBuck. 

Users have access to add up to 300 people in a group.  They don’t need to download more applications. With ChatBuck, they can have all in one, which can eliminate storage problems. ChatBuck is relatively enjoyable; they have an excellent and unique feature that people will not experience in any other messaging app.

ChatBuck: Distinctive Features

  • PRIVACY – ChatBuck understands its users’ privacy concerns. That’s why they keep privacy as their top preference. They claim never to share users data for any marketing purpose.
  • STORY – Users can share their story in ChatBuck-Messenger in the form of text, image or video with their friends & family.
  • CALLS – Users can make high-quality audio and video calls with their beloved ones.
  • CONTACT – The contacts will be automatically synced, and the connection will be visible.
  • MESSAGE – Users have features such as ‘like’, ‘delete for me’‘forward the message’ for every message.
  • GROUP AND BROADCAST – Users can create a group and broadcast with their contacts
  • CHAT LOCK – Users can lock every single chat.
  • NOTIFICATION – You will receive a push notification for every message you receive.

Struggles Faced In The Journey

Jitesh highlights that when he thought of initiating a startup, he was broke. He took it from family, friends, and relatives. Having no IT experience, he again faced the same issues he had earlier. Jitesh was unaware of the privacy policies of data and messaging applications. This time, he met his fears and seized the knowledge of whatever was needed to start a messaging app like ChatBuck.

Since the founder had financial problems, he was unable to hire a legal adviser. Due to which he endured economic and mental challenges. But the best part is that he managed everything on time. 

“Good things take time” this quote reminds us to be calm and work with patience. Success comes to those who work for it persistently, says Jitesh.

Business model and More

ChatBuck is a secure way to send and receive messages, calls, photos, videos, documents, and voice messages. It is a simple, personal, and secure messaging app available for Android and other smartphones. Currently, ChatBuck is bootstrapped. Jitesh just started up this business with the help of his family and friends, supporting him as his backbone. But Jitesh is looking forward to working with some promising investors, helping him take his work to the next level.

Future Plans

In the future, ChatBuck is planning to deliver unique services to its users with applicable charges. It will be like a subscription. Being a non-profit organisation, they need to charge a sum of money to secure their digital privacy and give them the best user experience. Aware of GDPR,  the founder has a new idea for a new startup based on research and development. RND is in the process of this idea. The founder and his team are planning to provide the best messaging app to their users, so they don’t have to shift to another app in future. They will be adding new features.

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