Empower Your Ride: Charge-Up’s Game-Changing Battery Exchange Network

Charge-Up: Revolutionizing battery swapping for electric vehicles, empowering drivers with convenient and efficient services!
Charge up

Charge-Up, founded by Varun Goenka in 2019 is one of India’s leading battery exchanging networks. Charge-up provides a simple battery service. The batteries that they provide can both be used for two-wheelers and three-wheelers. The batteries are obtained by the company on lease from manufacturers and delivered as a service through dealer locations.

Creating the biggest distribution system for electric and 2&3 wheelers is the main objective. The company assists in joining their service without any extra costs for e-rickshaw drivers. Drivers who subscribed to a daily battery rental plan are permitted by Charge-up to go to the swapping station more than two times a day for exchanging the discharged batteries with fully-charged ones.

The course of exchanging batteries takes just 2 minutes and the Lithium-ion batteries are 30 kg less in weight in comparison to the traditional ones. The company has helped the drivers to raise their range and profits through this practice.

Startup Highlights

Startup NameECharge-Up Solutions Private Limited
IndustryRenewable Energy Semiconductor Manufacturing  
HeadquarterNew Delhi, Delhi, India
FounderVarun Goenka

Founder: Varun Goenka

varun goenka CEO of charge-up

Varun Goenka is the founder and CEO of Charge-up. He studied at Don Bosco School, Guwahati. Varun loves to deal with customer problems and tries to solve them with fresh technology. Large influences bring happiness to his mind. He got to learn from his personal experiences that determination, curiosity, and a focused mindset can help him to attain the impossible.

Startup Business model

Charge-up offers the simple solution of Battery as a Service (BAAS). The company enables the e–rickshaw drivers to join the service without any upfront costs. By subscribing to a daily battery rental plan, Charge-up allows the drivers to visit the swapping station as many as 2-3 times a day to swap the discharged batteries with fully – charged batteries.

The Motto of the Company

“Battery as a service.”


DateFunding typeFunded byAmount
Feb 2022SeedCapital A$2.5M

Startup Competitors

  • VoltUp
  • Lithion Power


What does Charge-Up do?

It provides a good battery service. It solves the issue of high cost and troublesomeness of long charging, through its network of battery exchanging hubs.

Who is the founder of Charge-Up?

Varun Goenka is the founder of Charge-Up.

When was Charge-Up founded?

It was founded in 2019.

Where is Charge-Up based?

It is based in New Delhi.


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