Caterspoint: Outlets that Deliver Hand-Crafted Comfort Food

Caterspoint Outlets that Deliver Hand-Crafted Comfort Food | Karo Startup

Caterspoint is the brainchild of Anshu Raj, an enthusiastic chef and an avid entrepreneur who shows up with emotional experience in the food-tech topography. To stabilise a better system that caters the best quality food, he came forth with Caterspoint in the year 2016. Caterspoint is a cloud kitchen that delivers nutritious, creative, low calorie, and flavorful food to its customers. They provide a wide range of guilt-free food and beverages to your doorstep in Delhi NCR.

They deliver hand-crafted comfort food with a wide range of guilt-free, innovative, authentic, filling breakfast & meals. The Caterspoint menu wraps about 260 items that have breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner, desserts, refreshing beverages, and unique options like porridges, oatmeal, a variety of salads, and sandwiches. The company has put forth immense efforts in giving rise to imaginative modules to withstand the peril in the industry and has never negotiated on quality. Working professionals are the primary target segment—provides COD and cancellations/refunds.

Secondly, the streamlined backend support for all the outlets. This means that we have a centralised team for the supply of raw materials, an audit team, and a training team. This helps us in modifying and implementing the standard operating procedures (SOPs) for smooth functioning,” Anshu says.

USP of your brand

The USP of our brand is the innovation inbuilt in each dish and the improvisation in the old recipes that create a memory among the users. The brand itself is very emotional and sensitive where food and our clients are concerned. Caterspoint does not compromise with the quality and hygiene of the product at all. This is what creates a USP of Caterspoint. Their cloud kitchens are well planned, and the set up is strategically decided so that it can be differentiated among the staff. Kitchens are divided into the hot and cold section. Every section is separated from the other so that there is less confusion. Keeping other factors in mind the Vegetarian and Non-vegetarian sections are kept divided for the convenience of the client’s needs. This also avoids the mixing of orders while the process of packaging is performed.

USP of your brand caterspoint | Karo Startup

The Business Model

Caterspoint works on a cloud kitchen-like business model. A cloud kitchen is a restaurant that has no corporal space and no dine-in or takeaway facility, as it does not exist as a restaurant of any sort. It depends entirely on third-party integrations or home delivery orders placed on a call, website, or via an app. Caterspoint operates a dark, as well as a cloud kitchen model. The independent cloud kitchen model is set up in DLF Phase 3, Gurugram, and Malviya Nagar, and has an available kitchen used for bulk orders. These two kitchens are also registered on Zomato, where orders are accepted online. The third-party infrastructure service business model is a dark kitchen model, where the company uses third-party access kitchens like the ones the startup operates in Dwarka and Sohna Road.

Anshu Cofounder of Caterspoint | Karo Startup

Funds and Future Plans

So far, the startup has been bootstrapped with Anshu’s savings of Rs 30 lakh. Anshu explains that unlike a conventional business, each unit has self-sustained and supported the next unit. And this is how the company has created in a self-funded manner, till now – by settling earnings into place to fuel development. Besides that, the startup has also put up a debt of Rs 75 lakh from former Haldiram Group VP, Manu Grover. Currently, the startup is seeking external funding of $1 million to work on the backend technological gaps, maintain the right talent, and to gauge its business. Caterspoint has around 60 employees. In the next 24 months, the startup wants to start catering to the entire Delhi-NCR market and then expand to Chandigarh and Bengaluru. Anshu highlights that the mission in the next five years is to become one of the top five best food tech startups in India.

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