Casa Medicare, A Home Healthcare Startup Providing Dental Solutions And Physiotherapy Treatments At Your Doorstep

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Over the past few months, health-tech has been buzzing with startups helping in hospital management systems, doctor discovery, delivery of medicines, and now, more importantly, home healthcare services. Last year, 57 deals were made with a total funding amount of $277 million.

‘Health is Wealth’. Oral health hastily affects overall health and quality of life. Thus through a single click, any individual will be able to connect to a network of Medical professionals who strive to provide you with the most affordable services available at any time.

‘Casadent’  originated from the Spanish word ‘casa’, which means house or home. Casa Medicare provides you with Dental Solutions and Physiotherapy Treatments at your home. It was established in 2019 in Noida, Uttar Pradesh.

Why Is It Needed?

  • In this busy lifestyle, it is tough for everyone to take out time for a dental check-up, and even if they take out the time, they need to wait hours in a queue to get their treatment done. Hence home healthcare service is beneficial in this scenario.
  • Elderly patients and other patients who are suffering from any other abnormality which have left them bedridden need dental care.
  • The paediatric patient undergoes dental treatment readily in a friendly home environment.

What does Casa Medicare Offer?

Casa Medicare has the best technologically modified portable dental setup. They provide power to have an independent dental clinical set up at a very moderate amount. The best marketing and advertising professionals will be working day and night to increase the patient inflow.

Opportunity to grow their current existing dental practice with this technology. The healthcare startup wants to be a part of this revolutionary change in the current methods of dentistry.

In Dental Treatments:

  • Permanent Restoration
  • Tooth Bleaching
  • Dental Screening And Diagnosis
  • Scaling And Polishing

In Physiotherapy Treatments:

Their physiotherapists are professionals who will thoroughly evaluate your condition to provide a personalised relief plan. They are certified and experienced in providing adequate care and pain management.

The USP Of The Company

Anyone can book at the preferred time and experience hassle-free treatment at the most comfortable place they can think of in their home. The company follows International Standards & Protocols and policy of focused attention, which reduces multiple sessions because the experts ensure solving issues in a single visit.

So no more waiting for appointments, click ‘Book’ on their website and choose your preferred time to get services at your doorstep.

Meet the Founder

Dr Stanley Kurian is the founder of Casa Medicare. He did his Under graduation in BDS from Sharda University and started this startup with investors’ help. He is a Genius Entrepreneur, Marketing Genius Philanthropist & a great leader who made this idea successful from scratch with his team’s help.

This Startup was an initiative to tackle the current lack of dental Jobs and lack of quality dental services across India. Dr Stanley founded this Start-up in his internship days at Sharda University and later joined in by co-founders Dr Vishal Saha and Anshal Raj. 

After Facing tough competition and challenges for one year from the pandemic, they achieved massive success in 2021.

With his Team Members’ help – Dr Anamika Singh, HarshdeepBamra, Vaibhav Khanna, RohithGurumuthy, KhwojahTalha, Srishti Singh, AmardeepDevdhar, AvijitGarai and Palak Sharma he was finally able to make pillars of this startup stand tall and innovate further under the mentorship of Suman Sarkar, Director of SLPF and Jagdeesh H.G, Ex-Dean SDS. The company plans to introduce Gene Therapy in future.

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