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Casa Altair, The Home Automation System, Creating A Suitable Environment

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Casa Altair manufactures a complete home automation system where users can control their entire home wirelessly. The company strives to manufacture a sustainable environment by reducing uncontrolled electricity consumption and, at the same time, provide the ultimate luxury of their connected smart home.

Not only do they provide access to automation inside homes, but with their cloud technology, users can also control all their electrical devices anywhere around the globe.

Meet the Founder

Casa Altair Private Limited is the brainchild of Om Shree Mohanty. He is currently pursuing his B.Tech in Electronics and Electrical Engineering from Kalinga Institute of Industrial Technology, Bhubaneswar. Residing in Bhubaneswar, he had a great ideology, started his entrepreneurship career long before pursuing his 12th in Engineering subject from KIIT International School.

Om Shree Mohanty, Founder of Casa Altair Private Limited

The Inception of Casa Altair

The idea came up when the founder, Om Shree Mohanty, got injured due to a bike accident and was on partial bed rest for two weeks. Turning on lights at nights became a challenging task for him, which led him to the idea of controlling appliances wirelessly. Though he was bedridden, he started exploring different ways of how to automate the appliances.

After researching, he came up with his first idea of automating using IR Remote. Initially, it was difficult for him to arrange funds. Om Shree Mohanty believes in the old saying, which says, “If God is making you wait, be prepared to receive more than what you have asked for”. He met Anil Kumar Paul, who gradually became a part of his family. He is an assistant electrical engineer in CPWD and loves inventions. The story of the funding commenced when he saw the founder sitting at his study table. His mother and uncle helped the founder in funding, and soon he came up with his 1st prototype, which was a success at once.

Later, the founder joined a computer coaching class where all his teachers helped him with proper programming, and most importantly, Debasis Behera, Embedded and IoT teacher. Soon after developing and prototyping, he came up with a basic prototype, which was a huge success. That was a basic home automation system with advanced skills and IoT that revolutionised his entire project.

After getting all the basic ideas, Om Shree Mohanty started developing the complete home automation system, which he and his team have made as a product now. With his persistent team, Casa Altair is always keen to tackle any crisis that occurs with business and make it a successful one.

Hardships They Are Tackling

The idea of home automation emerged when the founder, Om Shree Mohanty and his team realised the three main problems:

1. Sustainable Environment

Consumers across the country found an increase in their electricity consumption almost 2-3 times than usual in certain months due to their unmapped usage. Also, COVID-19 has forced consumers to do online jobs, which led to an increase in consumption.

2. Safety and Security

While going out for work or on holiday, people don’t have any product to rely upon for ensuring the security and safety of their

house, which sometimes leads to robbery and disaster inside homes.

3. Disabled, Handicapped, And Old People

Roughly 650 million people live with a disability, and many of them are disabled or older adults. A simple task like controlling appliances sometimes becomes hard work, especially for people who are having leg problems.

So these problems led them to the solution of home automation, which will not only gives people the luxury of controlling appliances but join hands for creating a Sustainable Environment.

What do they Offer

Casa Altair provides a complete range of intelligent home Products and Solutions to help their customers control all Electrical Appliances, Door Lock systems, Curtain Automation and Mood Lights.

Their Robust technology brings customer’s environment, lighting, and entertainment together in an easy-to-use interface for the homeowner. The products are designed to be hassle-free. Casa Altair’s Unique Selling Point is their products that match the way their customers live.

The Intelligent Energy Meter:

It will predict the total energy consumption on the 10th day of every month (Patented).

Casa C-Secure:

With their private cloud, user’s data are stored all inside the system, instead of relying on external servers, they focus on improving the Privacy of the users.

Voice Command:

With their OS system, users get the advantage of voice-controlling home appliances with Alexa and Google assistant.

Retrofit Installation:

The retrofit product makes it more accessible to embed with existing switches, thus install easily within the switchboard

Unified Control:

The setup provides the ultimate control of complete home automation within a single app

● Physical switch integration helps to control your appliances both by automation and physical switches.

● Customized design: For the touch modules, they provide a fully customized design, which will help users to choose designs, that will match their interiors

● Customized Plans: We create unique customized plans for the user’s home that reflects preferences, personality, and pace of life, all within budget.

● Scheduling: With the scheduling feature, the ease of automation comes in a new way. Now all your recurring works, from waking up to getting ready for bed, your appliance will be controlled fully autonomously.

The smart home is a convenient home setup where devices are connected and accessed through a central point or console. The system is installed on a mobile or networked device, and the user can create time schedules for specific effects on the appliances. With voice assistance integration, users can easily control all their electrical appliances by using voice.

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