CaptionPlus: 2018 Winner of the Government’s Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge

CaptionPlus One of the Winners of the Government's Atma Nirbhar Bharat App Innovation Challenge in 2018 | Karo Startup

Good captions are just as important as good photos. Three Delhi University students, Rahul Maurya, Anurag Kumar, and Jitendra Yadav, found this a golden opportunity to help worldwide storytellers, content creators, and influencers. The trio launched CaptionPlus in beta in August 2018 with zero budgetary investment after initial market research and studying profiles of thousands of people. CaptionPlus app is created with the inventiveness to develop a search engine that helps you find great and catchy captions and hashtags and gain more likes, followers, and comments on Instagram posts.‘CaptionPlus’ can complement photos, adding a spark to every position of the user—loaded with great features. Powered by AI, it automatically suggests captions based upon your photographs. With so many filters and categories, you are never short of the original and fresh caption.

The app is being lapped up by thousands of users on social media globally every day. If you load your photo on social media and want the story or caption of your photo to be very interesting, then this app will help you: It doesn’t take hours, only a few minutes,” says Creator of CaptionPlus app, Anurag Kumar.

Captionplus Anurag Kumar | Karo Startup

Realized the Importance of Captions in Gaining Engagement

The trio hired an intern, asked her to write a few captions, and uploaded a simple beta version on the app store. The response received was remarkable and extraordinary. Within three months, they received more than one and a half lakh of downloads. The climax came when the founders witnessed sprinter Hima Das using their app for putting hashtags on her social media images.

Importance of Captions | Karo Startup
Source: 3Play Media

CaptionPlus offers a broad category of captions, be it for happiness, sadness, heartbreak, love, friendship, and many more. Some salient feature that makes this app different is the Easy-to-use Interface and Broad Search Feature. When the Prime Minister called upon the country’s talents to showcase their innovations under the ambitious Atma Nirbhar Bharat, they decided to put their app. They bagged an award in the self-reliant India competition started under the Pradhan Mantri Atma Nirbhar Bharat scheme in the entertainment section.

Future Plans to Target Influencers

By August 2019, they launched a structured application with an AI engine and monetization model in place. A new beta version of CaptionPlus is a full-fledged app that not only helps in finding captions or hashtags but also lets the user design stories, posts, add stylish fonts to the post, and much more. Currently, the startup is monetizing through personalized advertisements from Google.

Captionplus Team | Karo Startup
Source: Dailyhunt

CaptionPlus offers a massive opportunity for brands to be visible to a young user base and connect with them. It allows users to contribute their captions in the app and increase their popularity. The app is being taken up by thousands of users on social media globally daily.

The startup is now engrossed in building the nano-influencer community along with the brands. The app has witnessed over 2 million downloads and 3 lakh users per month. CaptionPlus’ future agenda is nurturing its writer community and running paid and prized caption writing contests.

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