Can Chatbots Compete With Human Customer Service?

Can Chatbots compete with Human Customer Service | Karo Startup

Chatbots are becoming the staple of social platforms, mobile apps, and websites. Organizations are replacing human customer service with chatbots. We are the point of digitalization where we need to question whether an automated bot can replace humans? Is chatbots services are social enough? The answer is definitely – NO.

In the era of the chatbot, humanizing your customer service is a differentiator as Customer experience (CX) plays a crucial part in driving engagement and sales. All are aware of the value of customer experience. When a question arises in the customer mind, they try to get a quick solution. Checking the company’s website or application full of bots’ pop-up asking, “Can I help you?” frustrate the customer. They look for contact numbers to speak to human customer service directly.

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Yes, we can’t compare a chatbot to human service, as it can’t give you that personalized feeling. You need to improve customer service to make it personalized for every customer.

With The Below-Mentioned Tips, You Can Make Your Customer Service Human Enough

1. Make Your Site Their Site

When designing your website or application, you need to keep your customer in your head as you’re making the platform for them, not for yourself. So, you need to put yourself in their shoe and develop accordingly. The website’s language should be in vernacular language, keeping the native language of your majority customer in mind. The website should be customer friendly.

Make Your Site Their Site | Karo Startup
Customer Friendly Website

2. Make it Personal

Many companies use chatbots or robots to solve customer queries, but you should consider the old-fashioned way of responding through human customer service. You can wish your customer on birthdays and anniversary and provide a hand-written note with your service or product to make it more personalized.

Make it Personal Human Customer Service | Karo Startup

When a customer knows that a human is interacting with them from others, it gives them a sense of security that their query will be solved efficiently. Someone is listening to their complaint.

This will help you to give your customer a more human and personalized service.

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