Achieve Your Fitness Goals with BurnCal: Revolutionizing Home Workouts

Achieve fitness goals with BurnCal: Personalized home workouts, expert guidance, and advanced tracking for high-performance wellness.
Burncal Startup

Founded in 2020, BurnCal is a platform providing access to home workouts along with a digital personal trainer. The app allows the users to connect with friends, track progress and share their accomplishments. The app tailors a program for people with busy schedules.

People can work out from anywhere in the world as their personal coach stays with them wherever they go. The app also tracks key metrics to identify changes in the client’s body and better analyze effects so that they can optimize plans to help the people in reaching their goals.

The company has 4 co-founders and 11-50 employees. The headquarters are in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The website also creates blogs that can be on their official website. BurnCal gives you postural corrections, motivational nudges, live scores, and enhanced privacy.

BurnCal Startup

Startup Highlights

Startup NameBurnCal
IndustryWellness and Fitness Services
HeadquarterAhmedabad, Gujarat
FounderVichar Shroff, Kunal Agrawal, Chetan Reddy and Anik Agrawal
WebsiteVichar Shroff, Kunal Agrawal, Chetan Reddy, and Anik Agrawal

Founders of BurnCal

The Co-Founder are Vichar Shroff, Kunal Agarwal. Chetan Reddy, Anik Agarwal.

Vichar Shroff

Co-founder of BurnCal, Vichar Shroff loves to dig into consumer problems and solve them with modern technology. He is a huge fitness enthusiast and a serial entrepreneur who also co-founded Dronation Labs Pvt Ltd. in 2016 and worked there till March 2020.

Along with that, he was also the Director of Product and Technology at EnerComp Solutions Pvt Ltd. for 2 years, that is 2018 to 2020. He completed his Bachelor of Engineering and Masters of Science from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani.

Vichar Shroff

With almost 6,000 followers, Vichar Shroff is on a journey to make BurnCal the number fitness app. He is also skilled in Image Processing, Drone and GIS Data Acquisition and Processing, Artificial Intelligence, and Computer Vision.

Kunal Agrawal

A fitness enthusiast, Kunal Agrawal is the co-founder of BurnCal who studied Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. Kunal loves to play sports such as Badminton, Swimming, Running, and Cycling. He is highly obsessed with being fit and healthy. He has been a software engineer at Samsung Electronics for almost 2 years from 2017 to 2019.

Kunal also worked as a robotics engineer at Viman Robotics for a year till 2020. He seed-funded BurnCal and because of his obsession with fitness, he is building the computer vision technology in BurnCal to make it even better.

Kunal Agarwal

With more than 2,000 followers, he is dedicated to building BurnCal as the highest-retention fitness product ever.

Chetan Reddy

Co-founder of BurnCal, Chetan Reddy likes to talk about growth, health, fitness, and startups. He completed Master of Science and B.E., Mathematics and Chemical Engineering at Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani in 2017.

While completing his degree, he worked as an intern at Texmaco Limited for 3 months in 2015. He also coordinated for 2 years at Lex Omnia Moot Court till 2015. He was the core team member of Waves, a cultural festival, and organized events at BITS Pilani, Goa campus. For 4 months, he worked as a Business Development Manager at Bounce, which is the world’s fastest-growing bike-sharing platform.

He was also the co-founder of Dronation Labs Pvt Ltd, which was a startup as a college project, and worked there for almost 4 years. He also worked as a director at EnerComp Solutions Pvt Ltd for 2 years.

Chetan Reddy

Before BurnCal, he was the director at LidarTech Private Limited for 6 months and joined BurnCal in May 2020. He seed-funded BurnCal and is dedicated to building BurnCal as the most effective preventive health-tech solution for providers.

Anik Agrawal

Anik Agarwal is the co-founder of BurnCal since March 2020. He completed his Bachelor’s degree in Science, Mechanical Engineering from VIT, Pune. He then pursued a Master’s degree in Science from the University of Rochester-Simon Business School till 2013.

Before completing the degrees, he worked as a Training Assistant at Chandresh Cables Private Limited for 2 months in 2001. Anik also worked as an Analyst Project Intern at Mercedes Benz India for 6 months in 2012. He was also a Lab Consultant at the Simon Graduate School of Business and worked there for 10 months. He was also a Business Development Intern at Videk Inc for 7 months.

For 2 years, he worked as a Business Analyst at GreenSmith Energy Management Systems. He was also a Product Manager at Raychem RPG Ltd. for 9 months and Founder and CEO of Enerlytics Software Solutions, and stayed at the company for 3 years.

He is the Head of Growth at BurnCal. With almost 3,100 followers, he is dedicated to making it easy for people to access personal coaches and make fitness a lifestyle.

Startup Business Model

Designed to make home workouts more accessible, more effective, and super personalized, BurnCal ensures that you don’t have to miss a single day’s workout.

The Motto of the Company

High-performance fitness and wellness solutions for your company to see the best version of your employees.


DateFunding typeFunded ByAmount
2020 Pre Seed 100X.VC Not disclosed
2021 Pre Seed SenseAI Ventures, Titan Capital $330K

Startup Competitors

DietBet, Cadoo, Endomondo, and Carepoynt


What does BurnCal Do?

BurnCal will help you inculcate fitness into your daily routine. No matter what you are going through in life, first job, demanding work profile, newly married, just had a kid, or somewhere in between; we make a highly personalized fitness plan for you that fits in your routine seamlessly. We ensure a frictionless experience with our mobile app.

Who is the Founder of BurnCal?

The founders are Vichar Shroff, Kunal Agrawal, Chetan Reddy, and Anik Agrawal.

When was BurnCal founded?

It was founded in 2020.

Where is BurnCal based?

It is based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.


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