Burger Singh’s tempting success, a Serious Competitor to International Brands

Burger Singh's enticing success, a serious competitor to international brands

In 2014, an innovative startup named Burger Singh sizzled its way into the hearts of Indian food enthusiasts. Founded by Kabir Jeet Singh, the company started with a simple yet unique vision – to offer delicious burgers infused with India’s favorite flavors. Fast forward to the present day, Burger Singh has grown into a formidable chain with over 100 outlets spread across 14 states, boasting an impressive turnover of Rs 60 crore. In this blog, we delve into the journey of Burger Singh, exploring its recipe for success, its struggles, and its vision for the future.

A Fusion of Flavors:

Burger Singh’s inception was rooted in the idea of catering to the diverse taste preferences of Indian consumers. Understanding the importance of great flavors, vegetarian options, and affordable prices in Indian cuisine, Kabir Jeet Singh set out to fuse these elements with the globally loved fast food product – the burger. This ingenious blend not only satisfied the cravings of Indian customers, but also bridged the gap left by foreign brands that offered unfamiliar flavors to the Indian audience.

Building a Lasting Impression:

For Burger Singh’s CEO, the most significant challenge was to create a brand that would leave a lasting impression on customers and encourage repeat purchases. The solution lay in continuously introducing innovative burger options with Indian flavors. Over the years, the menu expanded to include both vegetarian and non-vegetarian offerings like the Chicken United States of Punjab, featuring a tantalizing chicken tikka patty, the Amritsari Murgh Makhani, boasting a delectable Makhani sauce paired with a cheesy spread, and the Udta Punjab 2.0, a cheesy-filled patty delight.

National Growth Strategy:

With a highly successful stint in tier 1 cities, Burger Singh set its sights on expanding to tier 2 and tier 3 cities. As part of their national growth strategy, the company rapidly expanded its presence, establishing over 100 outlets in 56 cities across 14 states. The brand’s unique selling proposition, coupled with its emphasis on Indian flavors, allowed it to resonate with a broader audience, making it a favorite in both metros and smaller towns.

Investment and Steady Growth:

Burger Singh embarked on its entrepreneurial journey with an initial investment of around INR 40 lakh. As the business gained traction and popularity, the company secured funding from various investors, including private equity firms and angel investors. This influx of capital allowed Burger Singh to invest in its expansion, innovate its offerings, and enhance its operational efficiency.

The company’s revenue growth has been remarkable, witnessing a steady increase from 29.1 crores in FY22 to an impressive 57.92 crores in FY23. A significant milestone in the company’s journey was the series A funding round in July 2022, which valued the company at a staggering 200 crores. This accomplishment reflected the investors’ confidence in the brand’s potential and its ability to carve out a distinct niche in the competitive quick-service restaurant industry.

Burger Singh’s Future Vision:

Looking forward, Burger Singh’s CEO envisions establishing the brand as the go-to quick-service restaurant chain, celebrated for its delicious and innovative burgers with an Indian twist. The company’s recent expansion into new territories and the establishment of strategically located warehouses demonstrate its commitment to catering to a broader customer base efficiently.


Burger Singh’s journey from a humble burger joint to a 100+ outlet chain across 14 states is a testament to the power of innovation, customer-centricity, and a perfect blend of Flavors. Kabir Jeet Singh’s vision to offer Indian-infused burgers struck a chord with food enthusiasts, propelling the brand to unprecedented heights. With its steady growth, strategic expansion, and unwavering commitment to delivering lip-smacking experiences, Burger Singh has carved out a unique identity in the food industry. As it continues to Savor success, the company’s flavoursome journey serves as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs across the country.


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