Brief Overview Of A Majestic Man behind HopeTraders

Mr R. Anoop is a Bangalore-based BBA undergraduate. He has been running a tiny business since he was in high school. He used to be an average guy with academics and other responsibilities.

Anoop began his first platform to sell shoes, clothing, and items to supplement his income. The founder later started to sell portraits done by himself and other artists in his 2(PUC). When the rest of the business was simulated by his friends, as well as by his elder brother’s friends and colleagues, Anoop left his job and began seeking a more effective strategy to make a living and a life out of it.

The Initiation Of The Idea

Anoop first discovered the stock market on Instagram, and then he went to one of his friends who informed him how to do it, but it didn’t go well for Anoop. In his first stride, Anoop went in at a loss of nearly 2 Lakh. After 8 months of losses, he made his first profit.

It’s been two and a half years in the Cash and Derivatives markets. Anoop is currently in control of his career. He has been working diligently and intelligently. Also, he had many problems with endurance in the beginning, but now he has it under control. Now he’s bulking up for his license and firm registry, hoping to trade-in.

The Business Prototype

Anoop lost 59k in a single day, and he was outraged. It was a blunder committed by a so-called professional partner. Anoop made the decision the other day to don’t ever rely on people, to never leave the market, and to never trade based on emotions.

After Anoop made a profit of 1.5 million rupees for the past two and a half years, the most significant profit was 1 lakh 26 thousand, and it was the proudest day of his life. Also, he received feedback from one of his clients. Anoop felt a sense of fulfillment that he had never felt before.

The Obstacles He Faced

When Anoop first commenced training where he faced numerous obstacles. The most significant of which was himself. The first challenge for each excellent investor is to conquer their subconscious thinking. Overcoming the other half of his mind was challenging for him.

Then came the competitors, to tackle them, required extreme discipline in their work and, most of all, consistency. Only those who maintain consistency will survive in the stock exchange, as well as in the service that the company provides in the stock exchange.

Services Offered by Hopetrader

Anoop has over 1500 clients that follow his trading calls or signals and has coached over 100 trainees. He has a large number of regular clients, and Anoop began in January 2021. Hopetrader Investment is a firm that provides financial services and advisory. Other services are-

  • Provided trade calls or signals
  • Certificate Price action course
  • Certificate complete stock market course
  • Portfolio Designing based on clients capital

“Most of the offerings are reasonably priced and well-received. The risk-to-reward ratio in the stock market is far too excessive”, says Anoop Agrawal.

Plans Ahead

Anoop’s target is to help as many people as possible and instruct them about the possibilities of stock markets as wealth accumulates responsibly.

Anoop is currently preparing to become a qualified trainer and consultant. After graduating with his BBA, he plans to create an enterprise in Bangalore and spread beyond India with the support of his friends.

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