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Breathe Happy – Wellness and Fitness Company, Specialised in Providing Online Yoga lessons

breathe happy
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At a time when everyone is hurrying towards a smooth job, a fat stipend, and a well-settled life, many of us tend to withstand a great deal of stress, anxiety, experience emotional unrest, and even fall prey to unhealthy lifestyles.

While exercise modes, an overdose of caffeine, and wreck nutriment do make way for temporary relief, they are rarely as withstanding as yoga. One of the ancient forms of exercise, yoga is supposed to have arisen in India during the pre-Vedic times. Today, yoga is considered not only a physical activity but also one that strengthens mental and moral skills. 

Breathe Happy supports computer vision and machine learning to create real-time understandings for remote yoga teachers to train beginners in the right posture and more.

“Safety is the core requirement of having any fitness practice done online,” said Manghani, cofounder of Breathe Happy.

About Breathe Happy

Shiti Rastogi Manghani and Radhika Dimri are the founders of Breathe Happy. Shiti has a background in innovation and brand management for major food retailers which draws her expertise to marketing and business development for Breathe Happy. Radhika, with prior experience in the social enterprise sector, now concentrates on product development and operations.

The advantages of practising yoga can be exceptionally transformational for older people, who often feel eliminated from yoga due to inadequacy of mobility, confidence and cost, which has only been worsened by the current COVID-19 crisis. Breathe Happy eases these barriers for all users by delivering personalised virtual yoga classes from expert teachers.

How does it work? 

Breathe Happy; an online yoga platform binds its users promptly to crown instructors from the home of yoga – India. They deliver personalised yoga programs to suit your fitness needs and goals, and a community of fellow apprentices sharing their progress in a prudent, comfortable and amicable environment.

A short look at the acknowledgements on their page indicates the impact this has on their customer’s quality of life. Into the future, Breathe Happy is developing the tools to provide AI-assisted posture correction using computer vision and innovative functionalities to create real-time insights for remote yoga teachers.

USP of Breathe Happy

Breathe Happy’s foundation USP is a computer vision model and proprietary machine-learning algorithm utilising data sets or yoga videos. This helps trainers mentor learners on the right postures in real-time. The videos are then run through the system which practically tracks body biomarkers such as elbows, knees and ankles.

The startup’s algorithm recognises these, and the software then guides the users on the right posture. 

Revenue system- Breathe Happy 

The company asserted that it pursues a subscription-based model; yet, in the initial days, the team managed demos and free trials to obtain user feedback and data to equip the models.

Currently, the subscription fee for customers ranges from INR 4000 to INR 2000 per month. In terms of users, it declares to have created a society of over 2000 subscribers with a 90% user retention rate.

Recently, the company raised $300K in pre-seed funding from early-stage venture capital firm Bethnal Green Ventures and Innovate UK Grant. With this, BreathHappy is looking forward to strengthening its product development and improving its engineering and marketing team in the coming months.

Breathe Happy has a monthly revenue run rate (MRR) of $1000+. According to sources, the startup is looking to thrive this by 10x over the next year. It would inaugurate the posture estimation model and machine learning product in February 2021, which, according to the co-founder, would help scale the business multifold. 

“We are going a step higher, where we are not only replicating the offline experience online, but we are quite objective in our approach, offering real-time insights and technology tools to facilitate teachers,” said Manghani, stating the USP of Breathe Happy.

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