Breaking the Work Slump

Breaking the Work Slump | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

Sometimes it’s more than just a case of the Monday blues. You are having Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday – or any day blues. Well, it’s a very common issue and you are not alone in this.

Even a highly motivated entrepreneur faces this sometime.

It’s okay to feel unproductive sometimes. Just remember this sometimes should not get converted into all time. If a high performer turned into an underperformer employee, it could harm many factors.

Here are some tips that can help you and your employees to overcome the work slump and to keep you motivated.

Figure Out the Reason

The very first step of getting your work mojo back is to think about why you are in this state. Sometimes the reason is clear and other times it’s not very obvious. There can be thousands of reasons behind it. You should try to understand when you started feeling “off” and then work on it.

Take a Break

First things first. If you are not able to concentrate, then just leave the work and take a mini holiday. Give yourself ‘me time’. Catch up on sleep or spend time with your loved ones. You will feel fresh,

You can also just stop spending too much time on the thing where you are not able to focus. Stop that, take a step back, regain energy, and then try again.

Go With the Flow

No doubt that unproductive days are frustrating. These are the time when your brain is cooking up something.  It can also lead you to your next step unconsciously. Instead of getting annoyed by a lack of concentration sometimes you need to let your thoughts wander and try to feed your brain with some exciting things. You need to trust your brain and now believe that your brains know what it needs to do.

Look To The Past

When you feel unproductive, you need to go back down to your memory lane and think of the old notes and brainstorm your success moments. Some memories are inspirational, others can be a laugh or a success point today. You need to motivate yourself from past moments to keep going forward into the future.

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