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Book Your Car Services At e-Greaser, Car Service Provider in Hyderabad Offering Open Service At Your Doorstep

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Maintaining a car is much more demanding than owning it, as car services are expensive and time-consuming. People these days Pay for the services they don’t have an idea about and end up with low efficiency and time consumption. As a car is a complex machine, finding the real problem with a few symptoms is a challenging task.

At e-Greaser, a well-skilled and equipped team of engineers wishes to revamp the idea of car servicing and take it to the next level. They will help you solve this problem by booking their services. e-Greaser is associated with highly skilled car mechanics in the city. As soon as you order service, their mechanic will be at your Doorstep to deduce and diagnose the trouble and offer the required services post your approval.

About e-Greaser

e-Greaser is the brainchild of Janardhan Reddy. He started the automobile services in 2020 during the pandemic. The company’s motto is to give the car service at the doorstep, providing complete assistance for cars like General Service, car detailing, AC works, Electrical works, Denting and Painting. It acts as a one-stop solution platform for all vehicle-related services. It was commenced in August 2020 in Hyderabad and intended to unfold branches in Pan India.

                                     Janardhan Reddy, Founder at e-Greaser

Janardhan Reddy initiated e-Greaser with a simple idea of auto care services to deliver reliable and transparent auto care services in Hyderabad at affordable prices. The company possesses expertise in mechanics and garages to provide a wide range of services according to customer convenience, time and place.

“We are not Choice – We are preferred.”- e-greaser

With a motto of being preferred, the company has a mission to deliver transparent and reliable auto care services at customers convenient times & places. e-Greaser claims to provide an open service at the customers’ doorstep, ensuring they are updated about every reform made to their vehicle. After all, e-Greaser consider trust and satisfaction as their utmost priority.

The company is associated with the best mechanics in the city to attend to customer’s cars at minimal prices and faster resolution. They offer their customer’s hassle-free services of dropping or picking up the vehicles to get them serviced. The company struggles to provide them with a local mechanic with a motto of ensuring excellent quality while meeting their customer’s expectations in terms of Cost, Time and Quality.

Business Strategies and Plans Ahead

Currently, the e-Greaser is bootstrapped and doesn’t have any investors coming in. The company is looking for some promising investors in promoting the business and marketing. They don’t possess any complex business model. They offer car service at the doorstep and provide all car-related Repairs and services under one umbrella. 

The company plans to open branches in two more districts of Telangana in the coming months and look forward to opening more units in Pan India. They wish for this industry to be online and make the services transparent, reliable and quick.

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