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Biryani By Kilo – Journey that began with Two Outlets in 2015 has Grown to about 40 Outlets in 2020

BIRYANI BY KILO | Karo Startup
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Biryani is an unconditional meal, filled with tastes and flavors,  and it caters itself to delivery very well. Kaushik Roy and Vishal Jindal launched a food-tech startup Biryani by Kilo (BBK) in 2015 with a vision to create a global brand. It is headquartered in Gurgaon. Biryani By Kilo utilizes the most superior ingredients, branded rice, spices handpicked from Kerala, and stringently selected meats and vegetables for its Biryanis and Kebabs. It brings to the customer’s doorstep the genuine taste of biryani prepared in unique earthen Handis with the greenest ingredients. BBK is determined to take the Biryani experience a level higher with handmade earthenware of Handis and Angeethis.

We make three variants all the time – Hyderabadi, Lucknowi, and Kolkata biryani. But we have also done Malabar and Ambur biryani for a short time. So this means that the kind of experimentation and innovation we are doing, not companies are doing.

BBK is planning to organise a robust pan-India footprint and expand into select International markets like UAE & UK in coming three to five years. Biryani by Kilo proposes an eclectic menu that endeavours evergreen Indian biryanis and its culinary integrity in a nutshell. The dishes on the menu are handpicked while keeping the significance of heterogeneity and perfection into consideration. 

Biryani by Kilo’s Originality is to “dum cook” Fresh Biryani for Every Individual Order

To provide the best biryani experience of the customers, the company also delivers earthen angeethis with each order, to retain the smokey flavour and fragrance of the ingredients used in the rice. BBK also provides dishes like kebabs, kormas, and phirni. The strategy of serving fresh biryani every time it seems to have worked.  The startup has simplified the technology and sourcing in each city for rice, meat, vegetables, and spices. It crusades with over 100 suppliers, who provide information on what is being sold at its outlets. The brand then references these items without stocking up on the product.

Vishal and Kaushik conceptualised a biryani and kebab string that used tech and followed SOPs, systems and processes, standardisation, training, and audits in a way that could furnish biryanis and kebabs of good quality.

Struggles Faced In The Process

BIRYANI BY KILO founders | Karo Startup

According to the founders of the startup, likeness and consistency of food characteristic were the initial challenges. Hiring, training, and retaining employees at mass scale were other staggering blocks. However, they believed in procedures and set up a supply chain that can handle customer orders on its website, app, call centre, and Zomato/Swiggy. The startup competes with Rebel Foods, Ghost Kitchens, and Cross-Border Kitchens and serves close to half a million customers per year. This food tech startup has around 40 outlets in 20 cities with approximately Rs 70-80 crore in ARR for FY21.

As the startup makes biryani in individual handis (clay pots) only after accepting customer orders and not in the majority, setting up backend and tech policies for processing rules quickly was quite challenging for the company.

BBK raised Series A funding of $5 million led by IvyCap Ventures in June 2019 and will be doing a Series B round this year to take the company on its journey from ₹100 crores upwards.

Into The Future

In the next 18 months, the company intends to have 70-80 outlets pan-India and increase its revenues to Rs 150-200 crore. There are more plans for the next few years. BBK plans to grow to 150-plus outlets pan India in the next four years and expand to international destinations. The founders are eyeing Rs 500 crore annual revenue and a healthy bottom line in the next four years

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