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Biosephia – One Of India’s leading Organic Manure And Fertilizer Manufacturers

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Gardening is a never-ending adventure. Investigating what you’re growing and how to expand naturally is a fantastic adventure in itself. Now anyone can imagine the flavor of home-grown tomatoes, luscious red strawberries, and aromatic thyme that you can harvest and eat right away with Biosphere Organic Solutions Private Limited. Isn’t that a delightful feeling?

In their daily lives, everyone has heard of producing compost out of kitchen waste, but how many people have heard of commercial-grade manure, which removes the bother of acquiring a range of nutritional additions for plants and is odor-free?

It all began in 2014 when all these entrepreneurs saw problems with fertilizer production in India owing to a lack of natural gas among oil and gas companies. This prompted during one of their start-ups the concept of introducing renewable/renewable fertilizers and energy, which led to Biosephia Organic Solutions.

Biosephia Organic Solutions Private Limited,” founded by young Hyderabadi entrepreneurs specializing in producing renewables and organic fertilizers. Following considerable research in the fields of sustainable power and organic fertilizers, these individuals have chosen to construct Biogas plants that can provide them with both power and fertilizer in a replenishable and cyclic system that will cause no harm to the world.

The Founders

Himanshu Vemula, Anvesh Kumar Gangishetti, Abhishek Kothari, Ashish Kothari, Himashika Vemula, and Nikitha Kellote, all young, dynamic entrepreneurs who are dedicated to accomplishing their goals, founded this firm.

Everyone was a successful engineer at the time, and they worked on the firm after hours. “Earlier then, we used to hold conference calls till 2 a.m.,” Abhishek Kothari, Head Operations for Biosephia Organic Solutions, remembers.

They’ve gone a long way since starting with one employee in 2019 and growing to a firm with 20+ workers in 2021. However, the original aim was to create biogas facilities, owing to budget restrictions and a lack of demand for organic fertilizer. They decided to focus instead on developing sustainable agricultural goods.

Mr Himanshu Vemula

Founder, Director – Research & Development

How Did the Idea begin?

Though the team initially struggled to find a market for this product, it currently has a market of at least 7 lakh kilos per year in Hyderabad and the neighboring areas. The beauty of this product is that it consumes urea to decrease ordinary urea usage from 100% to 0%.

The company then extended its portfolio from agriculture to gardening and landscaping, where nutrient-dense goods such as Plant Nutrient Supplement and Soil Mix were developed. These items were created by selectively selecting and processing a variety of vegetable, fruit, and food waste materials.

“We are gradually introducing a new manufacturing category called Green Manufacturing, which consists of items that are critical for the current protection of the planet. The beauty of Green Manufacturing, which we are proud of, is that our processing unit has a net waste creation of less than 0.1 per cent of the residues we treat,” says Himanshu Vemula, Biosephia Organic Solutions Private Limited’s Founder and Director.

The Challenges Encountered

All of them were specialists in engineering and science, and the team concentrated on bridging the gaps between sectors to solve a variety of problems. They began visiting with clients from various sectors to learn about their waste disposal issues and research their wastes.

It all started with an issue at one of Telangana’s most well-known hatcheries, where hen excrement could not be disposed of due to its harmful effects on land and water. The State Pollution Control Board has also urged the companies to find an appropriate treatment technique for disposal.

Farmers, on the other hand, were hesitant to use this dung since it was fresh poultry excrement, which would cause the plants to burn. The team had taken on this task and had spent months working together to come up with a unique method that transformed discarded chicken dung into a hot-selling Manure through controlled processing.

This product primarily aids in maintaining soil pH and the reduction of damage caused by excessive fertilizer input. The product contains “carbon,” which aids in the maintenance of “soil biota,” as well as other vital elements that aid in plant growth.

Why Biosephia?

With the help of its subsidiary Biosephia Engineering Services Private Limited, incorporated in 2020, the Company has also embarked on its ambitious project of Biogas and fertilizer where Sindhuja Talla and Vinesh Nayaki have joined the team and introduced the concept of household and community biogas to Hyderabad with their innovative and compact designs.

Employees of the Company express their perspective as follows: “Being a startup company in the manufacturing sector, they are given a chance to explore ideas, creative elements, and introduce new concepts from Generation Z into the Company, unlike excessive workloads and stress.” The assistance received from management is enormous, which helps to relieve stress and contribute to creativity.”

The Future Goal

“While not every startup succeeds, the Biosephia team is pleased to see their company pushing the frontiers of manufacturing and renewable energy. They battled a lot in the beginning, but they never gave up or turned their backs on each other,” recalls Anvesh Gangishetti, the Company’s Managing Director.

“The Company is also aiming to enter into its inaugural project of Biogas Plant from Agro Waste along with optimal consumption and usage of Solid Manure from various Biogas Plants around the country,” adds Executive Director Ashish Kothari.

Currently, among other things, the business is investigating plastic upcycling, packaging materials made from organically produced goods, natural herbicides and insecticides, and other topics.

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