Biography Of Delhivery Founder: How The Idea Of Delhivery Came

The Indian e-commerce industry’s pillar is somehow logistics, where Delhivery founder is leading precisely to being a huge fundraiser for the industry. Delhivery offers a full set-up of facilities, for example, last-mile delivery, reverse logistics, payment collection, third-party and transit warehousing, seller to-distribution center, and seller to-customer shipping, and more.

The majority of us follow the most common way to go; however, some dare to step aside and make another one! Such is the fantastic story of Sahil Barua, the Delhivery founder.

Early Life Of Delhivery Founder

Sahil Barua was born and brought up in Delhi and completed his schooling in St. Xavier’s High School. He graduated in Mechanical Engineering from the National Institute of Technology Karnataka. Barua pursued his post-graduation in Finance from IIM-B Bangalore and won the gold medal as an all-rounder in its Director’s Merit List.

Delhivery founder Sahil Barua’s professional journey started in 2005 when he used to work as a research intern in the U.S. at the University of Maryland during his graduation. While working at the CALCE Labs for four-month, he gained good experience working on electronics packaging. He also worked as an intern at Bain & Company in 2007. After his post-graduation (2008), he joined the same company as a full-time associate consultant and was soon promoted to the senior associate consultant (in 2009).

Story Behind Delhivery

It was approximately midnight when Delhivery founder Sahil and Suraj ordered food from a nearby restaurant in Gurgaon. When they had the delivery man standing in front of their door, they chatted with the delivery person. And they both decided to talk to the store manager, soon they were at the restaurant, talking to the owner.

The two were soon at the restaurant, talking to the owner– there was a problem they could solve! The owner explained why it happened; the fact is that Delhivery founder Sahil and Suraj knew the solution, and that is when Delhivery started.

“It was 11.30 at night. I still remember, we took our bikes and met the owner, Anuj Bajaj, who was surprisingly still there. He said he was shutting the restaurant down. He was delighted we had come because he wanted his staff to relocate somewhere. We said bring it on, we’ll hire everybody,” stated Delhivery founder.

How Delhivery Founder Starts


Basically, in those days, the future Delhivery founder – Suraj Saharan and Mohit Tandon, worked with Sahil at Bain and Co. Something that developed their friendship much more was that they had comparative mentalities and wanted to begin their startups.

The main issue was that the future Delhivery founders are clueless about what to start! However, they chose to take a six-month vacation from their jobs, to sort out things for themselves!  And what helped them further was their friendship with the founder of Zomato – Pankaj Chaddah and Deepinder Goyal.

At that moment, Zomato’s business was an online medium to introduce restaurants to its users. This gave them this splendid thought! The Indian online market needed the extremely next step after seeing the eateries, i.e., Delivery!

Now the only thing that was left to be done was Human Resources, a.k.a. Delivery Boys! That is the point at which they met a restaurant owner from where they used to order food frequently! After a little conversation with the owner, he revealed to them that he was closing down and was hoping to move his staff. Without wasting time, the Delhivery founder hired them all!

Furthermore, with undisclosed funding from Abhishek Goyal (, they started the initial stage of Delhivery! Delhivery founders set up their first corporate office in a 250sq ft room in Gurgaon, with an entire group of 10 individuals altogether, including four delivery people. They began by tying up with neighborhood cafés and delivering orders to them in under thirty minutes.

The model was so unique that the business instantly picked up. Soon, they were delivering about 100 orders every day only in Gurgaon itself.

Rise Of Delhivery

At first, the organization was a startup of just five individuals, including the Delhivery founder, for all their work from records to product service to delivery. As time passed, they recruited over 15,000 individuals as their deliverymen, accounts manager and kept their clients satisfied if there is an issue with the product.

Delhivery founders declare to have a turnover of Rs 2800 crore for FY2020 and have plans to touch Rs 6000 – Rs 7000 crore in the following two years.

In 2020, Delhivery delivers around 1.5 million orders daily in more than 17,500 pin codes in India across 2,300 towns and urban areas. The organization has direct reach to a network of almost 7,000 drivers and more than 5,000 trucks. Delhivery is additionally constructing a few of the Country’s Largest Trucking Terminals at crucial areas in Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Kolkata, and Chennai.

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