Biography Of Ankit Bhati: The Man Who Still Doesn’t Own Any Car

Ankit Bhati

Today we can book a cab for ourselves anytime without any hassle, but things were not like this before. To make our life easy by the facility of on-demand car rental, OLA has played a significant role in our life. Known as ANI Technologies Pvt. Ltd, but designed as OLA, the ride-sharing app was co-founded by Ankit Bhati in 2010 as an online cab aggregator in Mumbai but is now based in Bangalore.

Ankit Bhati is a motivation for millions of youths. Olacabs is one of the quick developing startups in India. Bhavish Aggarwal manages customer and partner relations while Ankit looks after the technical aspects of the company.

They believe that Ola Cabs is not only providing customers with reliable and technology-based cab services but also helping thousands of drivers across the cities of India in becoming entrepreneurs. Let’s look at the journey of Ankit Bhati before OLA.

Early Life Of Ankit Bhati

Ankit was born in 1987 in Jodhpur. He has always been a curious person. Belonging to a middle-class family in Jodhpur and for them, computers were a luxury. He was graduated in Mechanical Engineering and a post-graduate in CAD and Automation from IIT Bombay. Ankit used to stay in an old apartment near IIT Bombay, where he does its coding. He used to work in several start-up companies like QED42, Make sense, and Wilcom.  And then Ankit Bhatifinally decided to give up his nomadic professional life for his own start-up. He became part of the Ola Cabs journey in November 2010.

Utilizing the technology accessible in those days, the two launched a lightweight MVP (minimum viable product) of the website. Bhavish personally meets taxi operators and onboard them, while Ankit Bhati would run the emails and order management system in the backend.

The duo understood customer needs and requirements for on-demand cab bookings and started building a robust system with time.

Rise Of OLA

OLa Founder

To keep his holiday and tour planning business growing, Bhavish needed to head out from Bangalore to Bandipur. He rented a car, which turns out to be a horrible experience. This was when he understood how his predicament was similar to numerous customers in the nation who were searching for a quality cab service. Taking the idea from here, Bhavish on-boarded his co-founder Ankit Bhati for taking Ola Cabs forward in December 2010.

The taxi aggregator effectively fills the gap between cab owners and customers, adding a bit of innovation to make lives and transportation easier—Ankit Bhati and Bhavish Aggarwal accomplices with drivers and taxi owners to offer different cab services to travelers across India.

Ola’s journey was not as smooth as booking a cab on the application. In 2012, both the founders got a red flag as a site blackout. Ankit Bhati, the Chief Technology Officer, who was in Bangalore, had to work the whole night with the one-person technology team in Mumbai to tackle the issue. But these problems didn’t stop Ankit Bhati and Bhavish. They moved base from Mumbai to Bangalore and started their mobile application, venturing up their game.

The organization offers 11 services in more than 106 cities and began its services in Australia. The organization is sponsored by global investment firms like SoftBank, Tencent, Microsoft, and eBay. As indicated by the recent reports, Ola converses with Singapore sovereign fund Temasek to bring $1 billion up in fresh financing. Ola has raised total funding of around $3.8 billion over 25 rounds.

Lesson From The Story Of Ankit Bhati

The founders Bhavish Aggarwal and Ankit Bhati needed to confront many difficulties in the initial phase of their journey. They worked for extended hours, and at times Ankit, the co-founder of Ola, needed to code for 48 hours continuously. They have to drive the customers to their ideal location when the drivers back off. But this didn’t weaken their spirits. The team worked day and night and peoples began loving their services.

Regardless, the story of Ankit Bhati is proof of fact that the sky is the limit if you have the will and the determination to begin your journey. Two IIT B-Tech graduates who began their careers in Microsoft and different startups have acquired 3 startups to date and raised more than $350 million from existing and new financial investors. The motivation of Ola’s success story is everyone needs to book their next ride and start their own journey.

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