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Being Hungry- Strives To Offer Delicious Mughlai And Chinese Dishes With Specialty In ‘Homemade Biryani’

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Biryani is a congregation of great dishes which go back to the Mughal Empire. Being Hungry, the brainchild of Saleem Shaikh seeks to offer delicious Mughlai and Chinese food to its foodie customers.

Being hungry specializes in homemade Biryani, which they prepare in the utmost authentic manner with homemade spices. Sohail Shaikh & Shahrukh Shaikh, sons of Saleem Shaikh, are the co-founders of the company. 

Saleem Shaikh, Founder at Being Hungry

The Authentic Offerings

The Biryani served by the company is especially homemade, keeping in mind that everyone loves homemade food. They love the enriched aroma and flavors of authentic homemade food.

The company owners also prepare some seasonal creams, i.e.Sitaphal, Strawberry, and Mango by themselves, to provide your taste buds with the best taste.

Being Hungry has served their famous and favorite dishes to many well-known celebrities. Among their best seller’s dishes are Chicken/Paneer Dahi lasooni tikka, Mutton galouti Kebabs, and Seasonal creams. The company also takes party orders. 

The Background Story

The Founder of Being Hungry, Mr. Saleem Shaikh, began his journey from being a stunt-man in 1996 in the Bollywood industry. He has worked with megastars like Amitabh Bachchan Ji, Sunny Deol, Govinda, and Akshay Kumar. He has worked in the movies as a stunt man in the 90s and continued doing stunts till 1999.

After losing his younger brother in a tragic stunt in Akshay Kumar’s Jaanwar movie in 1999, he became emotionally weak and was broke financially. He couldn’t bear the loss. Being a Bollywood freak, he then started his own

Being Hungry Restaurant.

The Future Plan

Being Hungry is doing well and intends to move forward at the same pace. The main aim of the company is to keep their customers happy as customer satisfaction is a priority.

They want to offer their customers the best food and services.  They claim that the ingredients they use to prepare their dishes are pure and original.

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