Baby Amore- Indian’s First Organic and Eco-Friendly Baby Care Products Website

Baby Amore

The Indian organic market has certainly evolved a lot over the years, while initially the growth was monopolised by the food segment, in recent times, there is an increase in the adoption of the organic and eco-friendly products in skincare and baby care as well. A newly predominant brand Baby Amore is Indian’s first organic and eco-friendly baby care products website. It yields significance in a brief period. Hameed Imthad and Abdul Wahab are the founders of Baby Amore. The headquarters of the Baby Amore is in Chennai. Baby Amore is established in 2019, with the need to fulfil the need for organic and eco-friendly baby care products in the Indian market.

Baby Amore is a marketplace that also organises the logistics and sight for brands through coalitions. It figures names such as Bambo Nature, Pure Born, Mustela, Seba Med, Aveeno Baby and more as sellers and clients. It has over 47 brands on this platform. Above all, before listing the product, Baby Amore does proper research on the effects. It had 200 orders per month before Covid, and the number has increased four times now to reach 800 orders currently.

We started with diapers, and then we realized the gaps in the other baby essential categories. So, we decided to streamline and have a platform selling eco-friendly, organic and premium baby products,” Imthad said.

Growth Amid The Pandemic

Baby Amore claims to have over 1.5K loyal customers. The startup has taken off with the brands that are prominent names in the baby care market in India or overseas, which enables the company to stand out from baby care brands on other marketplaces.  A crucial part of onboarding new brands and sellers is the complete research on the product, the ingredients and materials used as well as the certifications.

The company performs this before initiating any conversation with the manufacturer, distributor or supplier of a brand. Through such processes, the company guarantees the genuineness of the brands and also confirms that the products fit the organic and eco-friendly needs. Besides logistics, brands also engage with Baby Amore to reach their target audience by giving them perception across the markets where the startup has its reach, namely India and the UAE.

How Baby Amore Cope Up with Lockdown?

Wahab discovered that Baby Amore had gone through a significant downshift during the early pandemic as there were no deliveries as well as the government had not made any judgment when the deliveries would be allowed under the lockdown. This had a significant influence on the business startup.

Baby Amore bounced back with a slam as many baby care products fell in the ‘essentials’ category for deliveries. As deliveries resume, the co-founder of the Baby Amore said that the company had to ensure safe and sanitised Deliveries as well as hygiene of the delivered package.

To cultivate trust among the buyers and to prove the realism of listed products, all the baby care products on Baby Amore portfolio includes Good Manufacturing Practice certified products regarding the factories where the product has been manufactured.

Growth of the Company

Baby Amore, after launching its website in UAE in July (2020), already has more than 50 brands and 1.5K SKUs. Baby Amore is somewhat optimistic to enter the Singapore and Malaysian market. The goal of the company is to provide an authentic experience of the delivery right from placing an order to making payment as well as tracking the order with a click.

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