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Avenue Growth, An Online Platform that connects Brands with Freelance Sales Professionals

Avenue Growth | Karo Startup
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Whenever any enterprise takes its matter of action, a medium of employment is established. And in India where the community is rising high, every opportunity is a step towards success. And to bolster the roots of the sales platform in India, Avenue Growth gives rise to a concept of overall development and opportunity to all rotatory outlets. Avenue growth is founded by a bunch of marketing professionals with the conception of providing on-ground salesforce solutions to companies, which encourages them to grow and explore new markets with a cost-effective strategy.

Rachit Mathur, Dilkash Malhotra, J P Rout, and Aasheesh Watts, realized sales are the primary problem for a startup, and to solve this, they commenced venue Growth in 2018, a sales-as-a-service platform.

About Avenue Growth

Avenue Growth is a sales-as-a-service platform which provides solutions to the significant problem of a startup which is sales. Avenue Growth which was established in 2017 by Rachit Mathur, Dilkash Malhotra, JP Rout and Assheesh Watts, focuses on the product instead of sales. Their business model is entirely app-driven, where the firms would need to fill in their sales provisions while on the employment expanse. Once the condition is broadcasted, the startup convoys individuals, which further helps expedite a company’s growth.

Avenue Growth Founder | Karo Startup

Hiring the right sales talent can be time-consuming, expensive, and tiresome. Sales outsourcing can help your brand get recognised with affordable rates,” says Rachit

According to the claims of the Gurugram-based startup, it has created employment opportunities for more than 25,000 salespeople so far. At present, it has over 25,000 growth specialists serving more than 500 brands.

The Business Model

Avenue Growth requires brands to concentrate on their product instead of sales. The business model is entirely app-driven. The companies have to restore their sales requirements while on the employment range, individuals can apply to the app for sales jobs. Once a provision is broadcasted, the startup trains young individuals with that in focus. It also helps stimulate a company’s growth when a product is launched by assuring that the product receives all the vigilance it needs.

Avenue Growth joins with several employment production agencies in little towns to find forthcoming salespeople for brands. The startup convoys young graduates in soft skills and about a brand’s ethos.

Market aids and Future Head

Rachit confesses that the probable market size for Avenue Growth is around $40 billion in India and $650 billion globally. The startup asserts to have toiled with brands like Google, Flipkart, and eBay, amongst others. According to the company, the next notch is to make Avenue Growth an Artificial Intelligence (AI) established platform that will be able to foresee sales requirements by regions.

In the coming 18 months, it wishes to stabilise its client base and expand to new brands. As the companies look forward to expanding their business in smaller parts of India, it boosts employment alternatives across different geographical locations. The company acknowledges that employees exceed only when they have the freedom to raise their innovative thoughts and work in a stress-free environment.

The co-founders believe that more than half of small businesses (52 per cent) plan to outsource their business processes, presenting a massive opportunity for the startup to grow.

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