Are You Also Committing This Leadership Mistake?

Are You Also Committing This Leadership Mistake | Karo Startup | Inspiring Startup Stories

Leadership is each a probe space and a sensible talent. Including the flexibility of a private or organization to “lead” or guide different people, teams, or complete organizations. Specialist literature debates varied viewpoints, contrastive Japanese and Western methods to leadership, and additionally (within the West) North Yankee versus European approaches. U.S. educational environments outline leadership as “a method of social influence. within which an individual will enlist the help and support of others within the fulfillment of a typical task”.

You Think You Have To Know Everything

Leaders often make the mistake of thinking,” I am the leader, so I can’t ask questions. I am paid to have the answers!”

This instinct usually comes from the right place, they all want to be dependable, but they don’t own trustworthiness by pretending to be accurate.

You Don’t Trust Your Team

Micromanaging is a common symptom of this lack of Trust: Needing to approve everything, hesitating to transfer even the smallest task. They have to remind themself of the many great things they have done on their own and let them do their jobs. Otherwise, micromanaging will kill creativity, shutdown ambition, and undo the team.

You Let Uncomfortable Situations Faster

Ineffective leaders let embarrassing circumstances, crucial talks, or performance issues go unaddressed because they don’t know how to address it without being unkind.

A Harris poll survey found that” a stunning majority (69%) of the manager said that they are often uncomfortable communicating with employees.” One solution? Catch problems when they are small.

 You Focus On Short-Term Wins at the Expenses of Long Term Results

  It’s a subtle shift. Ineffective leaders get so focused on results that they lose sight of the people who produce those results. They often excuse less than ideal behavior by saying -” we have to hit the number at all cost”

You Are Stuck In Old Ways of Working

This is not a generational issue. People older, younger, in-between are working differently with non-traditional hours, remote locations, and virtual communication. Call it life balance or more of a Holistic approach to careers, but people want flexibility. The worst leaders resist it but the best leaders leverage it.

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