The Architect’s Diary- An Online Digital Publication Stands As One Of The Most Visited Architectural Websites In India.

The Architect’s Diary is the quickest prospering architectural digital magazine in India. The Architect’s Diary is based out of Ahmedabad, and it is amongst the blooming architectural digital magazines in India.

The Architect’s Diary is the brainchild of Ar. Siddhartha Bhayani. The founder comprehended the need for an Indian-oriented digital magazine. There was a sizable missed-out scope of young architects with design knowledge who deserve a publishing platform. This led to the foundation of The Architect’s Diary. In a time frame of four years, since its inception in 2016, the website has grown from zero to half a million followers. Users use this portal for daily updates on architecture and interior design.

The Starting Point

Ar. Siddharth Bhayani was an architecture student and could not access architecture magazines due to its increased price. He could not even subscribe to it, furthermore, due to the increased subscription cost. Since the Internet was also at a nascent stage in India during 2013-2014, he could not approach any appropriate websites.

The Architect’s Diary was the solution to this problem. Initially, this website was designed to be an interactive digital magazine. The company had faith that it could have been India’s first such publication. However, since this was not possible, Siddharth moved towards a more bizarre and easy to use interface. This led to the innovation of the present digital magazine format.

Business Expansion and Growth

The architectural website was built with zero seed investment. It is bootstrapped as all the money expended on this project came from Siddharth’s pockets, which he managed from his full-time employment as a junior architect at a commercial firm. Within two years of its launch, the website evolved as the most preferred platform for designers from across India. It also worked together with social media networks like Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to thrive further.

The team kept manoeuvring consistently and dedicated itself to fulfil the set targets. Siddharth’s college seniors endlessly helped and mentored them; they kept devising new ways to reach out to enthusiastic people and developed a loyal following base among the architecture and design community. In 2018 Ar. Aastha Bhayani joined as Editor and Curator to give the much-needed clarity to further plans of The Architect’s Diary. Presently, the website has grown from zero to half a million followers. Users look for fresh and innovative ideas when they log in. The platform also serves budding designers who need insight to put into their projects. The Architect’s Diary has 10000+ daily readers, and currently, it is a media partner to significant architecture and interior design events coming about globally.

Into the Future

Currently, The Architect’s Diary is a free-to-use website. The company is intending to move to a subscription-based model. Plus, The Architect’s Diary wants to get stabilised as a full-fledged architectural media company. Products like E-books and online- courses are also changing the way information is served.

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