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App-based Shuttle Assistance that compels users’ Daily Commute Safe, Reliable, and Affordable

App-based Shuttle Assistance that compels users' Daily Commute Safe, Reliable, and Affordable | Karo Startup
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It was an on-demand taxi service that took the road and disrupted the taxi-booking market. Now, startups delivering to bus service will be the next big thing in the conveyance space. Shuttl is a mobile-based appco-founded by Amit Singh, an IIT civil engineer. Shuttl provides passengers with the comfort of travelling in air-conditioned buses with a reservation during office hours. Punctual and clean, these buses plying on more than 60 routes –– from different parts of Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad to Gurgaon and back – have specified halts.

Launched by the duo Deepanshu Malviya and Amit Singh, Shuttl is a bus aggregating platform offering shuttle bus service to its commuters in cities like Noida and Gurgaon. The platform claims to offer services such as good buses, reserved seats, flexibility in timing and economically viability.

Amit, Co-founder, Shuttl | Karo Startup

Amit, Co-founder, Shuttl says, “We are targeting the segment of commuters that would like to avoid both high-priced taxi services and unreliable and crowded public transport. This shuttle bus service is slightly more expensive than the bus but much cheaper than the taxi.

Other Features

App users can infer a friend to Shuttl using a referral code where your friend gets Rs 100 in Shuttl credits once they sign in. In return, the users who referred get up to Rs 25 on each paid ride your friend takes. The app facilitates you forward your rides, left in the previous pass to your new pass. An individual can schedule the Shuttl routes during off timings by browsing from the list of buses and set a reminder. The app notifies you 15 minutes before the selected time. Shuttl passes start at Rs 60 per ride. It also features like SOS alert and ride-sharing details.

The Business model of Shuttl

Shuttl runs on a Revenue model. Since the startup foundation, the bus sharing commute offered more than 8 lakh rides and clocking about extraordinary rides a day. Apart from Delhi the company operates in the cities like Hyderabad, Kolkata, Gurgaon, Faridabad, Noida, and Pune and is expanding to other cities as well.

They have over 2,000 buses with over 500 vendor partners who are small-time operators. The cost price differs across cities.

The Business model of Shuttl | Karo Startup


ZipGo, Cityflo, and Commut are the leading contenders to Shuttl. The team believes that the business requires coverage — the more bus routes you have, the faster the network kicks in. The company at the early stage of inception used to serve over 30,000 rides daily in Delhi-NCR regions and Kolkata.


Today, Shuttl’s Facebook page has several quizzes and complaints of delayed arrivals, hardly a good thing for an app. And, while Singh says that happy customers outnumber the unhappy ones, competition is rising. Singh isn’t worried, though. He believes his company is far ahead of the game because of its singular focus.

Shuttl is our bread and butter. We are not trying to solve ten different problems, but we are here to focus on solving the one problem we set out to,he said. “It’s a model that could be replicated, but it’s not as easy as it looks.

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