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An Application that Permits its Users to Achieve their Fitness and Weight-Loss Goals

An Application that Permits its Users to Achieve their Fitness and Weight loss Goals | Karo Startup
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HealthifyMe is a portable health and aptitude app that integrates the power of technology with real human assistance to transmit measurable consequences. The startup was established in 2012 by Tushar Vashisht and Sachin Shenoy and generated by Microsoft Accelerator. With three million users and over 200 instructors, it professes to be India’s largest digital healthiness platform. Google and Apple have featured it on the PlayStore and AppStore, respectively, multiple times for its integrity models. HealthifyMe is Indian digital health and wellness startup programme that offers services such as calorie tracking, one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching, and diet and workout plans. The start-up delivers measurable results on eating habits, fitness, and weight by tracking a person’s lifestyle, providing access to human coaches and AI nutritionist ‘Ria’. HealthifyMe is acquired for both Android and iOS platforms; the app puts up with a holistic lifestyle tracking approach to retain users engaged and motivated.

With a tailored programme designed to help achieve users’ fitness goals, the app will also send users notifications in the form of tasks to log meals, exercise, or read a health-related article, moving into the realm of being a coach or advisor, Vashishta said.

What HealthifyMe offers?

HealthifyMe, the innovator of an online health application constructed to assist people in securing their fitness goals and improve corporate wellness conditions. The company’s application utilises an artificial intelligence-powered fitness coach that restrains the power of automatic analytics and track calorie intake from different food items and delicacies, facilitating trainers and nutritionists to get online fitness consultation and meet customised health goals soon. Its latest expert, Ria, a conversational artificial intelligence (AI)-enabled nutritionist, looks to be at the core of its development plan. Tushar highlighted that Ria was developed under the codename ‘Project Amadeus’ and utilises key learnings obtained from HealthifyMe’s 150 million tracked meals (20 billion + macro/micronutrients) and 10 million message exchanges (1 billion + words) between coaches and clients.

HealthifyMe Best Apps – Made in India” in 2016 and 2017 | Karo Startup

Funding and Recognition

In May 2015, the startup undertook a campaign, HealthifyIndia, in alliance with Godrej Nature’s Basket, Manipal Hospitals, Medanta and Apollo Centre, to facilitate healthy living amongst Indians and cultivate an awareness of lifestyle ailments. It was reported that HelathifyMe’s website had evolved as the most visited health website in India, with 40 lakh visitors. Electronics manufacturer Micromax invested an undisclosed amount in HealthifyMe. On 17 June 2015, it was declared openly that HealthifyMe closed its pre-Series A round with an undisclosed amount from a group of individual investors. It then raised $6 million as a portion of their Series-A round in April 2016 from IDG Ventures, Inventus Capital Partners & Blume Ventures.

The app proceeded to be named among “Best Apps – Made in India” in 2016 and 2017. In December 2017, the company earned the Google Play “Editor’s Choice” award in the Health & Fitness category.

HealthifyMe Best Apps – Made in India” in 2016 and 2017 | Karo Startup

Sector overview and Growth Plans

Tushar commented that technically Ria is still a toddler and they aim to increase her capabilities continuously in the coming months. Tushar also added that their vision is to make healthy living accessible for all. As a first step, they used mobile and cloud to cater to Tier 2/3 cities. Now with AI capabilities, they intend to refine Ria and Jarvis to the point where they can authorise to serve beyond India using competent nutritionists working from their home in India but catering to the world. Tushar also said that in the long run, they strive to influence HealthifyMe and Ria’s knowledge graph to integrate with services like health, education, and finance. The use trial could range from providing contextual evidence to health professionals or help people get better health insurance policies based on their health graphs. HealthifyMe competes with players like MyFitnessPal which was amassed for an estimated $475 million by UnderArmour.

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