Amazon brings in-app shopping features for Facebook, Instagram.


Amazon has introduced a new in-app shopping feature for all Meta-owned apps like Facebook and Instagram. This new feature from Amazon allows users of these social media platforms to make purchases via the e-commerce website without leaving the apps.

Callie Jernigan, a spokesperson for Amazon, confirmed the feature by doing an interview with Techcrunch.

  1. A first-time service, for now available only to buyers in the United States. It will show users real-time pricing.
  2. The facility is available only for select products advertised on Facebook and Instagram. Additionally, the products should also be available on and sold by Amazon, or by independent sellers on its storefront.
  3. There is a quick one-time setup for people; to begin with, they must link their Facebook/Instagram account to their Amazon account
  4. After this, they can check out with Amazon from the product ad itself, without leaving whichever of the two social networks being used by them.
  5. Finally, buyers’ default shipping address and payment details, sourced from Amazon, will complete the sale.

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