Alpha Coach: Delivering Life-Changing Fitness Transformations And Getting You In The Best Shape Of Your Lives By Helping You Adopt And Maintain Sustainable Habits

Alpha Coach

There is an incredible number of people hitting the gyms, looking to get fitter and lead a healthy life. Fitness in India has taken an enormous leap, and fitness enthusiasts love exciting ways to get their daily dose of exercise in. The body is the only place humans live in.  Whether it is attempting to lose weight, build muscle or get off the couch, fitness & wellness has indeed entered, and become an essential part of our lives!

Alpha Coach, a one-of-a-kind technology and data-driven online personal training program, have developed an integrated platform which provides an immersive coaching experience. Analysing and tracking every aspect of clients’ training and nutrition is the key to making genuinely personalised programs that would fit their needs and deliver outstanding results.

About Alpha Coach

Alpha Coach’s proprietary tech helps the coach to create a roadmap of the members’ entire transformation journey and track every variable to progress towards their target continuously. The Alpha Coach team knows that every individual wants to get in shape without being on a permanent diet their whole life.

Alpha Coach slowly introduces better habits that become second nature and help you lose weight, get stronger, and be in the best shape of your lives.  The company believes that everyone has the freedom to have the physique they’ve dreamt of, and everyone can achieve impeccable health.

Ketan Mavinkurve established Alpha Coach and laser-focused on delivering results sustainably and affordably.

Meet the Founder

Ketan Mavinkurve, a Chartered Accountant, is the Founder and CEO of Alpha Coach. Before laying the Alpha Coach foundation, Ketan also co-founded AKRO Fitness which grew to become a prominent brand

in the personal training space. With Alpha Coach, he brings into the world a global platform to entitle everyone to achieve their health goals.

Being a fitness enthusiast, and after struggling with his fitness for over a decade, Ketan has now decided to dedicate his time and efforts to create businesses formulated to impact people’s health and fitness positively.

Ketan allied with Vishnu Venugopal, an engineer, and a fitness mentor with over ten years of experience in this field. Vishnu specialises in helping busy professionals who desire to get in shape and build sustainable healthy habits.

Vishnu Venugopal is the Co-Founder and Product Head at Alpha Coach and brings with him the knowledge and a keen mind towards systems, processes, and technology.

“Everyone has the right and obligation to be fit, strong and healthy,” Ketan says.

What Does Alpha Coach Offer?

Most people fail to get lean because they don’t track their calories correctly (therefore most often, not eating in a calorie deficit).

Alpha Coach conducts an in-depth analysis of the person’s existing dietary habits and suggests targeted changes required to build long-term patterns that are aligned towards his/her goals.

These changes are made based on the person’s goals, fitness levels, metabolism, work and family life, and daily routines.  The Coach then provides a detailed menu with multiple food options to choose from at each meal and uses its proprietary tech to govern the two main factors – Compliance and Tracking.

If you’re interested, you can quickly head over to their website to “Take The Test” and Apply for Coaching. After the application gets the approval, they build the members plans and get them started.

Cutting-edge Technology

Alpha Coach has built its cutting-edge technology to help create, track, and communicate with clients.  The mobile app and data analysis help clients take the equation’s guesswork and achieve superior results while allowing them to live more balanced and proportional lifestyles.

The Alpha Coach proprietary tech assists coach in creating a roadmap of your entire transformation journey, so that every small detail and every single target achieved is mapped, tracked, and analysed while staying true to the “big picture.”

Alpha Coach is an entirely tailored, one-to-one online training platform. The Alpha Coach program is focused on helping busy professionals that want to get into serious shape and stay there, using time tested methods of training and nutrition.

Funding, Revenue & Profitability

The company has been bootstrapped by the Founders with an investment of Rs. 50 lakhs to date. It is in the start-up stage and has recently launched the beta version of the app.  The Founders expect a further investment of Rs. Fifty lakhs in the coming financial year, primarily towards tech development and marketing.

Into the Future

Alpha Coach looks to grow this and create more impact in various fields, such as corporate fitness coaching, AI-powered coaching, helping and educating coaches, fitness for kids, and much more. The Founders of Alpha Coach have a vision of transforming the lives of millions, both in India and abroad.

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