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Cloud Kitchen Model | Karo Startup

Nowadays, we store our photographs, stream our movies, and even run our organizations in the cloud. Then why can’t we have a cloud kitchen model?

Presenting cloud kitchens, commercial facilities specially built to prepare food only for delivery. These kitchens are sometimes called the shared kitchen, ghost kitchens, or virtual kitchens to deliver only food brands working inside them called virtual eateries.

A cloud kitchen model is a restaurant kitchen that accepts order requests using a web-based ordering system and gives no dine-in service. They have a base kitchen that delivers food to clients ‘doorstep.

The cloud kitchen model industry is expected to turn into a $2 billion in India by 2024, as per RedSeer Management Consulting. That is up from $400 million out of 2019. In a survey done by the organization, 21% of the respondents said they liked to build their online ordering of takeaway food after the lockdown. In correlation, just 9% said they want to visit restaurants all the more frequently.

Trend Of Cloud Kitchen Model In India

With the coronavirus lockdown keeping restaurants closed and would-be diners at home, takeaway meal options have boomed in India. And there are signs that the shift toward home-delivered food is here to stay, which plays an essential role in increasing the cloud kitchen model trend.

People are scared of going out and therefore choose to eat food in the comfort of their homes. As the lockdown has lifted and there has been a massive change in consumer expectations and behavior, we have reassessed our entire business system and plan for contingent actions to continue business operation effectively and smoothly.

Cloud kitchen models are better convenient for the needs of socially distanced customers than traditional dine-in restaurants. They’re also able to minimize some costs, such as rent, and without the wait, staff requires fewer people on the payroll, which is another reason behind the cloud kitchen trend.

Positive Factors Making The Cloud Kitchen Model More Trending In India

The cloud kitchen and online food delivery business in India is fixed to develop more because of different factors, for example, –

Increase in income-With the developing Urbanization, the income of the buyers has likewise expanded. Presently individuals spend a huge sum on great things, for example, eating from restaurants. This has given the online food delivery business industry in India a much-required lift promoting the growth of the cloud kitchen model.

Lack of time-Young professionals and students staying away from home want to order from outside to avoid cooking or going out to eat to save time and money. This again offers momentum to the Indian cloud kitchen model, which would create better benefits despite not having a dine-in storefront because India developed the online food delivery market.

Easy Availability-The ease of availability of ready-to-eat food quickly is maybe the most characterizing factor that has brought growth in the Online Food Delivery Business. In Metropolitan areas, food outlets deliver breakfast, lunch, and dinner with a monthly membership, adding more comfort to their consumer’s life, which makes an open door for the cloud kitchen model.

How Cloud Kitchen Model Is Cost Savvy?

Cloud Kitchen Model | Karo Startup

Here we discuss the investments required for starting a cloud kitchen in terms of the type of location, infrastructure, and everything else.

Savings on infrastructure

The primary reason behind the low investment needed to open a cloud kitchen is the land cost. Location is the biggest differentiator that reduces the expense of opening a cloud kitchen compared to a traditional dine-in restaurant. The cloud kitchen model should be opened with a high demand for the food you’d offer.

Reduction in-service time

The best thing about a cloud kitchen model is that it lets you enjoy the power of cooking at several places. If you’ve kitchens in multiple locations, the food can be served hot and quickly with a much lower delivery time.


Because there’s no House Front, you don’t need many people in your cloud kitchen model. Only 2-3 people focused on cooking; you can easily set up a shop. Aside from the kitchen staff, two employees at the delivery and one counter for accepting online and telephonic orders are necessary.

Raw Material and Menu

Making the right menu and choosing quality equipment and raw materials is significant for any restaurant. This should be the initial phase of your planning cycle. Raw materials required to start the cloud kitchen model operations rely on the type of food you’re offering. It is essential to pick up the right vendors at this stage for the raw materials.


As the cloud kitchen model include low risk and high profit, one should be aware of the competition ahead in the market to make benefits. A cloud kitchen will be the next trending theme. In case you are looking to develop your organization or start a food channel, the cloud kitchen is the more secure and intelligent option considering you keep it flexible.

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