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Agua India

If I ask you all, are you certain about the quality of water we consume every day? We will answer, Yes obviously, we have RO water purifiers at home, softener plants, etc. but can all these mediums be entirely trusted? In fact, in the Leh-Ladakh (Jammu & Kashmir) region of India, we can water from any tap, any stream, and any water body. It is glacier water coming directly out of the Himalayan lap. Even bathroom wash basin taps can be used for drinking purposes.

So here we see the difference. It is an untouched area with significance to biodiversity. Here, in cities, we can’t reduce water consumption drastically but can consume it healthily and there is a water management composition. Agua India is a leading provider of top-quality bottled water in Kochi. It is a modern-day solution to our bad drinking habits and making everybody a part of this sustainable revolution where water is preserved before it gets persecuted completely.

Commendable Work and Wisdom of Founders

Muhammed Shajar C pursued BTEC HNC in Business and Marketing from Oxford Business College. His journey started as a Marketing Executive with the Al-Ansari Group of companies in Qatar. The experience with such a great company helped me to develop an interest in becoming a full-time entrepreneur, which led him to start numerous businesses in Qatar, UAE & India.

As an aggregator platform, all water solutions from various available sources will be available in Agua and his passion greatly influenced him to be the founder and CEO of this venture. He was the Director at Loomian Property Developers for three years and then his idea took shape in Agua India. Musthafa K U studied Airway/Aviation Management Operations at Patriot Aviation College, Thrissur, Kerala. He worked as a Business

Development Manager with Green Island Landscaping WLL, Qatar for two years where he sharpened his skills and developed entrepreneurial behavior and mindset. He is proud to have co-founded Agua India. He is committed to driving our vision forward and delivering innovative solutions to the water crisis as the COO of this company.

The pioneer of water management and conservation

Agua India is a “one-stop for all our drinking needs.” and it is constantly working to fight against the global scarcity that is predicted to happen due to extreme climate change and other human blunders. It generates revenue through a diverse array of services tailored to address water insufficiency.

  • They offer water purifiers so that clean and safe drinking water accessibility can be transferred to all its customers.
  • A water tanker facility is also something that Agua India deals with for bulk requirements and smooth processing of water supply.
  • Water gallons are also available in a variety for office purposes, hospitals, events, or individual needs by Agua India.
  • Agua India provides a rich and enriching collection of beverages and accessories to enhance the quality and nutrients of water.

The company’s legal name is ‘Loomian Enterprises Pvt. Ltd’, founded on 28th January 2020. The initial funds raised were 1.6 crore and follows the B2B, B2C, and D2C business model. Agua has commenced services in three of the most populated metro cities, Bengaluru, Chennai, and Hyderabad. They are set forth to start services in other metro cities in the upcoming months. Agua intends to bring forth the mobile application for a sustainable tomorrow where the water that we drink is safe, hygienic, and accessible to all.

Analytical thought process and goals

Agua India has combined technology with water supply to make it more efficient and it can reach the masses. This venture supplies water to the most remote regions of the nation by linking distributors through their app, expanding the range of potential markets for vendors and distributors. It allows users to order 20-litre water jugs from brands like

Bisleri, Bailley, and more than ten additional ISI-certified premium water brands. Customers can plan the delivery time with their favorite booking location through the app, and Agua will deliver to their door within the following 24-48 hours of booking.

Agua aims to solve border environmental issues related to water shortage and wastage by implementing innovative tech-driven solutions. It envisions a future where water efficiency and conservation are paramount, contributing to a resilient and sustainable world.

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The Bonus for Working towards Betterment!

Agua India aligns with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), particularly Goal 6: Clean Water and Sanitation. This transformative journey of the founders truly depicts that if we are the consumers of natural resources, we have to be the preserver of its essence and utility. Through operational analysis and resource allocation to revolutionize water management, Agua India is rapidly expanding to completely alleviate water stress on a global level. ‘Together we rise, divided we fall’ is the motto of Agua India as they consider water conservation, its social responsibility.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. Who are the founders of Agua India?

Muhammed Shajar C (CEO, Founder) and Musthafa KU (COO, Co-Founder) came up with this idea of Agua India and are working on it.

2. When was this company founded?

It was founded on 28 January 2020.

3. How much were the initial funds raised by Agua India?

It was somewhere around 1.6 crores.

4. Where is Agua India based out of?

It handles all of its operations from Kochi, Kerala.


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