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Agrowave: Lets You Choose From a Wide Range of Fruits & Vegetables on Fingertips

Agrowave Lets You Choose From a Wide Range of Fruits & Vegetables on Fingertips | Karo Startup
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India’s agricultural hardship is not hidden. Farmer suicides is an issue of concern as much as it is a nationwide headline. Our Farmers nourish the whole world with their farms’ produce, but the returns, they hit rock bottom. The problem is graver in the case of fruits and vegetables due to their perishable nature. To provide the best rate to farmers by eradicating mediators, Anu started AgroWave in 2017. AgroWave is aiding in building a sustainable supply chain for fruits and vegetables. Gurugram-based Agrowave is looking to maximize this with its mobile pickup stations to reach farmers at the farm gate instead of fetching them to mandis and other markets. The idea behind this venture is to optimise the agriculture supply chain using exploration, analytics, and technology—engaging farmers directly to businesses and optimising the fruits & vegetable supply chain.

We are trying to optimise the existing agricultural supply chain using analytics, research, and technology. Our aim is to provide the best price to farmers by eliminating middlemen,” Meena said

How does the Agritech Startup AgroWave Function?

The startup is utilising pickup stations to acquire farm produce directly from the farm-gates. Everything from pickup to other necessary data is passed on to the farmers using an app. This helps in keeping the farmers refurbished. After picking up the produce, customised grading, packaging, and proper sorting are done to conserve quality. The final part is delivery organised by highly equipped professionals to assure the buyers get fresh products on their doorstep on time.

How does the Agritech Startup AgroWave function | Karo Startup

The Traction Report

Initially, it took the team a substantial amount of time to popularise the impression, like it would in any other business. The challenges were more since there were farmers on the other side and their literacy levels are lower. But thanks to the internet, reach is now easier to achieve. Due to internet availability in rural areas, the farmers now appreciate the benefits of doing business with AgroWave. As of now, they are connected to more than 1500 Farmers across six states in the country and serving more than 600 companies in Delhi and Gurgaon. AgroWave is differentiating itself by targeting businesses and operating as a farm-to-business player.

Agrowave’s Benefits

The advantages of using the AgroWave platform are actual and very substantial in themselves. Earlier, companies kept dedicated staff to go to the offline market daily and buy supplies from different vendors. Tracking of bills, ensuring timely supply was a problem for them. By using the agrowave platform, entrepreneurs now have a single point of contact. It assists them in getting the hassle-free supply of best quality fruits and vegetables. Technologies like ai and big data analytics-enabled to enable recommendation engines and customer-centric search to provide a better user experience.

Agrowave’s Benefits | Karo Startup

Future Vision of Agrowave

AgroWave has raised an undisclosed amount in seed funding from Daffodil Software, founded by Yogesh Agarwal, who has supported the startup since their early days and is clocking sales of more than Rs 50,000 in a day. The funds will be used for operations and developing technology. The startup encompassing young people is using technology to unite farmers and businesses. They plan to become a low-cost optimised supply chain company with a concept to map production and supply to reduce wastage using an incredible mix of expertise.

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