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Agritech Start-ups That Accomplished Themselves

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The use of technology in agriculture, horticulture, and aquaculture is known as Agritech. It aims to improve yield, efficiency, and profitability. Agricultural technology can be products, services, or applications derived from agriculture that improve various input/output processes.

Agritech startups use AI to make farming profitable in the COVID crisis. India is home to more than 450 Logitech startups, growing at a rate of 25% year-on-year, according to a Nasscom 2019 report. Agritech continues to see tailwinds, and startups such as Clover and Bijak have even raised funding during the COVID crisis.

 Here are the top 5 Agri-tech Start-ups. They have reached the peak of success.


Dehaat | Agritech | Karo Startup

Agritech platform De-Haat, which provides full-stack agricultural services to the farmers. The platform will use some of the new funding to automate its supply chain, and build the next layer of Data Analytics to drive further supply chain efficiency.


Ninja Cart | Agritech | Karo startup

Ninjacart, which recently received an investment of $100  million from Tiger Global this April. At present, delivers around 1400 tons of fruits and vegetables every day across Bengaluru, Chennai, Hyderabad, Delhi, and, Mumbai.


Khetigaadi | Agritech | Karo startup

Agritech startups by farmer’s son connect 4 million tractor buyers with sellers, financiers. Pune based Agritech startups Kheti Gadi, founded in 2016. It is a full-service Agri-e-Commerce marketplace that connects key stakeholders of India’s agricultural industry.


CROFARM | Agritech | Karo startup

Farm to retail Agri Tech startup, Crofarm. It says it has raised $1 million in a funding round led by Smile Group and entered the business to business to consumer (B2B2C) space with the launch of Otipy community-based platform that connects consumers, resellers, and farmers.


FASAL | Agritech | Karo startup

Precision agricultural startup Fasal. The Agri-tech startup has raised $1.6 million in seed funding, led by an omnivore.  The funds will primarily be used to build the company’s Al capabilities across its horticulture value chain. It will also be used to launch a low cost instantly installable version of the company’s field sensor array.

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