LINQ is Bringing The E-commerce Spectre To Offline Buyers

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The extensive partner base puts Linq stores at a strategic objective by helping their clientele stimulate the market offerings and extend services to people across every intersection and corner.

What Exactly is A Linq Store?

A LINQ store is a shop where buyers can walk in, and with the help of a reliable LINQ resource, could search, select and order products online. It is a modest idea with great power. 

Imagine a buyer with no knowledge of online shopping, walking into a LINQ store. A LINQ representative would browse scores of products under the category the buyer wishes for and hit the ‘Buy’ button only when the buyer confirms the product.

“We offer an eclectic range of over 16 crore products under numerous categories available on Amazon. We make sure that we show our clients the best deals available on our partner websites,” quips Sreeram.

Linq startup team

The company is an official franchise partner of Amazon in India and has partnerships with Netmeds and LINQ provides the customers with an option to open and check the package’s contents in the store owner’s presence. In case there is any disparity in the delivered product, the buyer can leave it at the store, and the LINQ team gets it replaced.

Benefits Of Opening A Linq Store

  • Be the Brand Ambassador of globally acclaimed top-notch online firms.
  • Sell a wide range of products from a multitude of services.
  • Get your business running with minimal investment and zero stock risk.
  • Be that “one-stop digital store” in your town.

Traction So Far

In the past five months, LINQ has accumulated its store base from 100 to over 450 and counting. LINQ stores are becoming instant hits. Up for grabs within a total investment of just INR 1,20,000, many local entrepreneurs consider LINQ franchisees a lucrative investment option. The enterprising startup is glancing to add over 200 stores across ten states by June 2018.

Holistic Service

LINQ has come far from standing a simple digital shopping desk to include extensive online shopping assistance services such as offering EMIs to buyers. At LINQ stores, buying a product online at EMIs doesn’t need a credit card. Customers can purchase products on EMIs by simply providing their Aadhaar and PAN card details along with a recent bank statement.

“The best part is that all our services are free of charge to the customer!” says Anirudh with a big smile. 

Now, that’s some real empowerment to fellow citizens. 

“If we want to keep increasing the online shopping spend of people from rural and semi-urban areas, we must be ready to enhance their purchasing power,” says Sreeram.

Linq Startup

Road Ahead

Bootstrapped since its beginning, LINQ is efficiently organising its funds, most of which come from Iran and supremacy from existing stores. However, the founders are willing to collaborate with investors who could drive a more excellent value for the business model and build a more intricate tech product and expand rapidly by building a large team. 

As of now, the LINQ team is 15 people strong. Striding on dusty by-lanes of un-urban India, LINQ is one of the few startups making a real difference in people’s lives and is realising the dream of ‘Digital India’.

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