A Unique Green Investment Venture that Authorizes People to Buy Land and Take up Agriculture: Hosachiguru

A Unique Green Investment Venture that Authorizes People to Buy Land and Take up Agriculture: Hosachiguru | Karo Startup

Ashok Jayanthi, Sriram Chitlur, and Srinath Setty are engineers who quit their jobs to work in Bengaluru’s outskirts’ agriculture space. Hosachiguru was established in 2015. Hosachiguru is an amalgamation of the Kannada words hosa (implying ‘new’) and chiguru (meaning ‘shoot’). Together they mean tender cultivation. Hosachiguru’s headquarters is in Bengaluru, Karnataka. This agritech startup assists people own and manage farms for long-term income benefits. A team of agripreneurs integrated their love for agriculture and professional business strategy to revolutionise farmland association. Hosachiguru utilises accurateness farming to formulate considerable commercial, social, and economic impact. Hosachiguru is a differing agricultural enterprise that offers structured investment commodities to green-conscious stakeholders.


The Agri Possession Management Company Provides Farm-as-a-Service to People who prefer to invest in Agriculture.

Hosachiguru is a farmland management company offering farmlands in cherry-picked locations, giving rise to for a desirable long term wealth creation opportunity with an environmental touch. Hosachiguru has executed over 18 Projects circulate across 800 plus acres. Hosachiguru pursues a simple three-step process in its agri-investment model. First, it acquires land for its investors.

The land is assigned based on water availability, soil conditions, and the budget of the investor. If a client already possesses the land, Hosachiguru takes on the management of that land.

Hosachiguru is a farmland management | Karo Startup
Source: Hosachiguru

It then formulates and develops the ground, depending on the crops assigned for cultivation. It prepares the soil for farming, preps a drip irrigation system or borewell, hires labourers to work on the farm, compiles an electricity line for the farm, etc. Hosachiguru, which means a new sprout in Kannada, is a five-year-old company that acquires farmland and organises prevailing ones.

Hosachiguru is a distinct market innovator. Its managed farmland concept is a sustainable way of creating long-term wealth, rural jobs, and making the farmlands productive. The founding team is passionate and energetic, breathing fresh life into the sector,says Narayan.

The Startup has a Three-Pronged Business model.

Hosachiguru Three-Pronged Business model | Karo Startup
Source: Hosachiguru

The startup’s business model is simple. On the one hand, it supervises farmland for owners, charging around ₹1,500 per acre per month, depending on the crop type. On the other hand, it acquires land for its investors based on water availability and soil conditions and then redesigns them for the crops appointed for cultivation. It also guarantees that the soil is levelled and loosened, in addition to delivering a drip irrigation system or borewell, and hires labourers to work on the farm. The team of members consists of a mix of serial entrepreneurs, agriculturists, precision farming experts, and a corporate finance head.able to bring down the cost of setting up a farm by 70 per cent compared to what an individual farmer typically incurs.

Manages about 900 acres of Farmland for its Client

At current, 11 of the 19 projects they organize are occupied by individuals or organizations. The other eight are businesses that Hosachiguru formulates where it invests in land and sells them to buyers for an amount and takes care of it. Hosachiguru has planted over a million trees and has nearly $7 million of bargains under management. Today, Hosachiguru, which means tender sprouts in Kannada, manages agricultural investments worth over USD 7 million in horticulture, timberland, protected cultivation, and nursery. Hosachiguru also generates revenues by selling saplings grown in its greenhouses. It manages agricultural assets worth $7 million and claims to be growing at 30-40 per cent per annum.

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