A Tea Startup with Indigenous Herbs, Plants, and Fruits

Dweller A Tea Startup with Indigenous Herbs, Plants, and Fruits | Karo Startup

After abandoning her investment bank job in Singapore in 2016, Elizabeth Yambem had drifted to Guwahati, the tea capital of India, to comprehend the delicacies of the tea business. After paying time on the courses on the art of tea for nearly a year, she eventually agreed to return home to start her dream project. With her savings, Elizabeth launched ‘Dweller Teas’ in 2017. Dweller flavoured tea blends are inspired by the natural, healthy, locally grown products she developed relishing in Manipur. She took a minor session on tea making and her products. Elizabeth is one of the few women entrepreneurs who have been trying to formulate particular imaginative products and the local market for such products. Inspired by the pure nature and culture around which she grew up.

To make my idea a reality, the first thing I did was to start saving up – with a target amount (to be saved from launching the business) and draft a business plan. When I had these two sorted, I left my job and came back home to start ‘Dweller Teas’.” says Elizabeth

Elizabeth Dweller A Tea Startup | Karo Startup
Elizabeth Yamben
Dweller Teas

“Dweller Teas”- Local Brand from Manipur is all About Herbal Teas

Founded by Elizabeth Yamben, an aboriginal of Imphal, the startup utilises indigenous herbs and fruits to make organic and prosperous tea inputs. Here are various blends of herbs, fruits and vegetables that Elizabeth and her battalion use to make the tea. All of the mixtures have an extraordinary USP of their own. It also proposes black rice products such as black rice cookie mix and black rice cake mix. Elizabeth highlights that the tea startup initially concentrated on offline channels and sold works by putting up with a part in local events, performing product tastings, placing products at local departmental stores, and via Dweller Cafes. The startup intends to facilitate local produce and healthy tea and is also struggling to create job reliefs in the region.


The Dweller Start-up Model

The startup bargains new local produce, comprising herbs, fruits, plants, etc., and develops them into extraordinary tea flavours. The products are accessible for consumption at the three departments of Dweller Cafe in Imphal, Manipur, and can also be bought in packaged form from stores and online channels. The rates of the products go from Rs 50–460, and the packs are available in three sizes – sample pack (three tea bags), medium pack (18 tea bags) and everyday pack (50 tea bags). The investment banker-turned tea blender in the far east of India, bordering Myanmar, is sure to hit the headlines soon across the world for her invention and a hard chore.

Dweller Teas Start-up Model | Karo Startup

The Market and into the Future

Elizabeth says the demand may be very competitive, but Dweller Teas’ USP is the use of indigenous fruits and herbs that offer health advantages and are not readily available elsewhere. All the indigenous flavours are created in-house without any usage of artificial or natural flavouring. The bootstrapped startup is currently surveying funding options such as grants and strategic partnerships to scale up, elevate its infrastructure, improve supply, and enhance market scope. Speaking about plans, Elizabeth clarifies that Dweller Teas will proceed to produce and nurture healthy tea products.

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