A 27-Year-Old Girl Founder of $1 Billion Company

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Ankita Bose, 27-year-old, is all set to be India’s first woman to be a co-founder of a $1 Billion Start-Up. She works on the digitization of the textiles and apparel industry. Bose got featured on under 30 list of 2018, Forbes Asia, under the ’40s in fortunes list, Bloomberg under ’50s list, and 2019 Business Worldwide Magazine Most Innovative CEO of the Year – Singapore.

Future of Fashion: Zilingo

Ankita Bose and Dhruv founded technology and commerce platform, named ZILINGO in 2015. It was founded with a concept to use technology to put effective and efficient enterprise within everyone’s grasp. They consider that the future of trade belongs to everyone by using smart, technology-led solutions to bridge the gap between creators and producers. They’re re-imagining trade to make it mild, correlated, and transparent for all.

It is South East Asia’s most significant fashion & lifestyle marketplace. They present buyers with unusual passage to millions of products, and free-of-cost access to analytics, speedy logistics and guarded payments to exporters.

Zilingo has operations spanning Indonesia, Australia, Hong Kong, Thailand, the Philippines, the United States, and India.

The recent financing February 2019 valued Zilingo at $ 970 million, that makes 27-year-old Bose among the youngest female CS Administrator to lead a Start-up of the dimension in Asia.

Today the company employs over 500 staff representing more than 20 different nationalities and works with close to 50 thousand latest partners across the fashion supply chain. Zilingo’s Valuation is $ 1 billion.


Journey of Ankita’s career :

Bose started her career performing at McKinsey & Company and Sequoia Capital in Bangalore. While at Chatuchak Weekend Market, Bose noticed that the fashion market in southeast Asia had considerable room for growth. The Chatuchak Weekend Market has over 11,000 independent merchants, but nothing was available to buy online. While there was an investment in improving access to the internet, Bose recognized that retailers were not trained, recognized, scaling-up, website design, and procurement.

In 2015 Bose left her position as an investment analyst at Sequoia Capital to launch her own company, Zilingo. Bose was only twenty-three when she founded Zilingo, an e-commerce platform that gives B2B functionality. She moved to Singapore in 2016, where she developed the Zilingo software and supply chain capabilities. In 2019 Zilingo raised $226 million in Series D fundraising, resulting in a $970 million market value. Zilingo works with small and medium-size retailers in Southeast Asia. As of 2019, Zilingo had over seven million active users.

Expansion of Zilingo by empowering women

The China-United States trade war resulted in United States retailers leaving China, which allowed Zilingo to expand into America. She has worked to source Indian fabrics for Californian factories as well as opening offices on the West Coast and East Coast. At Zilingo Bose started to train women in Indonesia to create clothing, recognizing that in Indonesia almost 40% of women leave the workforce after they get married. Zilingo set up a coaching program to support leaders across the company. Bose is involved with programs to support and mentor women entrepreneurs. She has spoken at the World Economic Forum.

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