91Squarefeet Aims to Make Rs 130 Crore in 2024


91Squarefeet is getting ready to grow its business in Pune and Hyderabad early next year (January-March, 2024). After that, they’re looking at Ahmedabad and Chennai for the second part of the year. The company wants to expand in these cities and is planning to spend Rs 5 crore in each one.

Also, They are hiring more than 50 people for each city, including architects and project managers. The company has been doing really well, growing 300% every year for the last three years. In the financial year 2022-23, they made Rs 55 crore, and now they’re hoping to make Rs 130 crore in the year 2023-24.

Amit Bansal, Amit Mishra, and Puneet Bansal started 91Squarefeet in 2019 with Rs 50 lakh and turned it into a Rs 100 crore business. So far, they’ve gotten $11 million in funding.

That includes $1 million from Kunal Shah and Nikhil Vora (Sixth Sense) in December 2021 and another $10 million from Y-Combinator, Stellaris, and Betatron in August 2022.

Right now, the company has 250 people working for them, including 30 architects and 150 project management experts.


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