6 Work Ethics of Virat Kohli’s Life

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Work ethic is a belief that hard work and rigor have a good advantage and an inherent ability, quality, or value to strengthen character and individual skills. Social ingrained of this value is considered to enhance character through arduous work that is corresponding to an individual’s field of work.

 Virat Kohli is known to be the best modern-era batsman; therefore, he is addressed as a legend in Indian Cricket. Well, nothing was given to him; He earned everything with his dedication, hard work, passion, and love for the game. There is a lot to learn from him and his lifestyle.

 Here are 6 Work Ethic of Virat Kohli which you can apply in your life.

1. Go the Extra Mile

In an interview, Virat Kohli said he tries to give his 120% in whatever he does. Be it a workout, training, or playing a match. What we mean to say is you need to give 100% sure, but put some extra effort also. It would help if you had the intention of doing so. If you follow your daily routine, you will get what you are continuously getting, but if you put something extra, you will get extra in return as well.

So ask your self every day what new you have learned and every day with the same consistency try to do at least 1% extra.

2. Improve Your Self

In a match Virat couldn’t make score well, he only earned 134 runs because of his off-stump ball weakness. As soon as they came back, Virat started working on his fault. In the next series match, he scored 11 century. Sachin Tendulkar, in an interview, said,” I have always seen greed for runs in Virat eyes”.

The one thing I like about him the most is whenever he realizes something is lacking, and he starts working on it. So by this, we can understand self-analysis is a must, so ask yourself the question ”where I need improvement, how can I improve that.”

Start improving the issues as soon as you get the answer to these two questions.

3. Consistency

Chiteshvar Pujara, in an interview, said that the way Virat focuses on his fitness and follows his daily routine is tremendous. It is challenging for a player to follow the same schedule daily. On this Virat says you need to follow: Eat Sleep Train Repeat.

Your performance is the result of your daily routine workout. If you follow the same exercise, you will be able to train your mind and have better control over it. Hence it will work unexpectedly nicely in stressful situations.

4. Visualize Your Success

Virat starts visualizing and practicing two months before an important match. Due to which he has high self-confidence on the field during the game, and he’s able to take any decision confidently. For better results, Pre-Planning, Practice, and Visualizing are necessary. If you follow this, you may be able to respond positively to tough situations.

5. Break Your Limitations

After playing a long match of 167 runs, he came back and directly went to the gym. One of his friends asked him that he should instead be resting why he is here to work out. He said, “I want to increase my runs in my next match I want to complete at least two centuries, and that would only be possible if I workout after being also exhausted. By this, I will be able to overcome by physical and mental abilities.

6. Commitment

Virat’s commitment toward his work is commendable. When in the IPL, RCB needed to win four matches continuously. Unfortunately, he got four stitches in his hands, but he still played the game smoothly.

These six ethics make him “The Virat Kohli.” If you want to succeed in life like Virat, implement these six work ethics in your life.

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