5 Ways to Engage Employees during Lockdown

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This global pandemic has brought a lot of changes in our daily routine, as well as in our work culture. This led many businesses to adopt work from home policy to keep employees safe and maintain the same workflow. It becomes essential to take care of mental as well as physical health.

An organization needs to make sure that their employees feel connected, supported, and informed. This is the time where the leader needs to come forward and keep the appropriate steps to keep up the team spirit.

Here are the 5 virtual team building activities to keep your employees engage.

1.  Online Activities

There are lots of fun activities and games that you can organize even while working from home. It will help in building better coordination between the distributed team. You can also provide motivational sessions or yoga sessions to keep them calm, focused, and feel connected. 

2. Help them maintaining work life balance

As the workplace changes, maintaining the same work-life becomes difficult, especially for female employees who need to look after everything while doing their job. To help your employee maintaining work-life balance, you can remove the time barrier. Keep your focus on the quality of work, not on how many hours they spend. 

3. Keep the knowledge flowing

In today’s scenario, the need for information is higher due to fear and uncertainty. Leaders need to focus on providing proper information to cope with the current situation, build flexibility, and show care towards employees and their families.

You can also share insight from work. It will rejuvenate the thought process of your employees. It’s one of the best virtual team activities that you can host for your employee, no matter they are close to you or not.

4.  Appreciation and reward

In the traditional office environment, it was easier to make your employee feel valued. But when it comes to working from home, it becomes challenging for the leader in making their employees feel valued and appreciated. Appreciation gives satisfaction to employees, and they feel more motivated and loyal. As everyone is working from home, recognition of each other’s work leads to a healthy community sense to employees.

5. Who are you?

Each of us possesses something unique. We all have our strengths and weakness. To build a healthy relationship, you need to bring the achievement and struggle of all employees in front of everyone. You can host an event where you can encourage your employee to open up and share their story and struggle with everyone. This will help employees by scaling up their self-confidence. Hence, building trust amongst employees and taking the company culture to the next level even in this lockdown.

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