3D Printing Startup Melt’s Journey from a Kitchen to a Full-fledged Production Unit

3D Printing Startup

Ishan Bajpai, Founder and CEO of Melt, began exploring the additive manufacturing technology and its benefits in late 2018. After getting an in-depth knowledge of its technology and demand, Ishan eventually made his mind to work as a freelancer to have a better understanding and hold over the pricing and specialised areas. 

In the beginning, it was challenging to take hold of a single client. However, his thorough persistence made him convince a client to get one of his products developed at a much lower price than the market. 

Melt was registered in May 2018. Currently, Melt is providing services on all the major platforms of 3D printing. Ishan Bajpai initiated his first production office in the kitchen of his P.G. room, where he carried his machine and began printing. Due to lack of investment and infrastructure, he decided on concentrating on one customer at a time to deliver exceptional results. 

Founder’s Idea Behind ‘Melt’

Ishan has always been passionate and committed towards the upcoming and trending technologies which can add value to the national development of our country. Additive Manufacturing has an ample market ranging from Automobile, Aerospace, Industrial, Medical and Healthcare, making Ishan curious. 

The essential requirement in this technology is the visualisation of products & their production process. Being a designer, this inspired Ishan a lot and hence he just kept heading more towards it.

About Melt

MELT is a Rapid Production Services providing bureau, bridging the gap between prototyping and production. Keeping the primary focus on utilising the advanced 3D Printing technology to design and developing prototypes is now procuring prototyping and other production solutions. It is also encompassing industrial manufacturing methods such as sheet metal fabrication, injection moulding etcetera to provide end to end solutions. 

Melt was begun in the eastern region of the country, Kolkata, West Bengal and currently has expanded into Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh and Patna, Bihar. The company is providing its services across PAN India especially Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad & New Delhi. 

Company’s vision is driven by customer satisfaction, allowing them to provide the best quality at affordable rates. 

Beginning with merely one FDM machine, the company is now into SLS, SLA and DMLS 3D Printing.

Challenges and Marketing Strategies 

The 3D printing market is highly robust. It is boosting each day with more and more bizarre and new startups showing up. Hence, to keep moving forward, Melt utilises the modest quality instead of quantity approach.

Melt’s highly competent team and high-quality merchandise can provide the best service at the best price, distinguishing them from the rest. In the coming future, the company will begin exporting its services to foreign countries where the potential of 3D Printing is extensive.

Amidst Covid-19 Pandemic

During the lockdown, when the supply chain of raw materials and supplies was unsteady, 3D Printing startups and companies came forward and provided antidotes like Face Shields, Masks, Ventilators and more. The founder claims that MELT was the first one to develop and deliver Face Shields in Kolkata region. 

They supplied over 1 lakh face shields during the pandemic. Also, supported Government Hospitals, Colleges, Doctors, Front line workers and Healthcare staff with 3D Printing solutions which amassed a tremendous response and were able to help the ones in need.

According to the founder, a startup journey is always full of challenges, and if it’s not, you’re headed the wrong way. There will be ups and downs, learn from both and then figure out what you have to do.

“Think Bright, Move on & Never Give-up” – These are the three principles which have been driving Ishan Bajpai all along and he suggests to all fellow entrepreneurs to think positive and innovative about their product/service, never regret their past decisions and focus on what is about to come and most importantly never give up or lose faith on your idea, passion and dream as if you will stop believing in your plan, so will your followers.

MELT was launched single-handedly by Ishan Bajpai, a Mechanical Engineer having experience in product design and development, who has successfully transformed his passion into his endeavour and is working towards bridging the product development gap effectively.

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